New Toy Update!

Remember how I mentioned a while ago how the hubs surprised me with a new camera?
Well, I have been having a blast with it!

These are just some of the pics I've taken:

Some beautiful flowers the hubs brought home a few weeks ago.  They've since died, of course, so I am so glad I was able to take a pic of them in all their glory:

These are some pics of my handsome, talented son, Marko serenading us with beautiful music at breakfast (:

Tuesday night we got a downpour (Thank you God!), and this is on the drive home:

And this is my beautiful baby, Gabriella.  I am in love with the performance of my new camera, by the way.  It's pretty amazing.
 I plan on finally learning how to use Photoshop during the Christmas break from school.  I ended up getting Photoshop 5 at school on clearance (!)  It's the super-duper Photoshop that comes with Illustrator and absolutely everything else and I seriously got it dirt cheap since they've since released the 6th version.  Boo Yeah!! 

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my new toy?

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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