Traditional v. Non-traditional woes you know how I'm going to school as the most non-traditional student EVER, right?  Yeah, that's what I'm called.  And yeah, it's just a nice way of stating the fact that I'm...ahem...older than traditional students right out of high school.  (:
Anyway, this "non-traditional" title was never more evident than this week.

My classmates and I were sitting in one of my journalism classes waiting for our professor to walk in and start the class and we were discussing among ourselves an assignment that was due that day.  It was something we had to get from the internet.  Well, two of the students kids (a boy and a girl.  And yes, I am calling them kids because they are literally only a couple years older than my son, Marko!) ended up printing the exact same picture and they weren't too happy about this coincidence.  Had that happened to me, as an old a non-traditional student, I would have simply explained to the professor that it was merely a coincidence...right?


My jaw about hit the damned floor when they immediately started their Rock, Paper, Scissor bullshit!!

Oh My Gaaawwd I literally felt the grey hair oozing out of the pores in my head!!

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