Summer days..

This summer has been so incredibly HOT, so we've been staying indoors more than we'd like.  Well, at least during the very HOTTEST part of the day, it really is just too hot!
We've gone for 2 mile walks in the evenings, gone to the lake, or to the pool or to my mom's so the kids can play on the monster play equipment thing she has in her back yard.  Boy do the kids and even Peditos play HARD on that thing!  They take the hose up there with them and have a blast!  My kiddos even stayed overnight with their grandma last night because they just didn't want to come inside.  If my mom let them, they would probably play out there all night long!  Even Peditos wanted to stay at grandma's house, but we brought him home.  He moped for a while until he finally went to sleep underneath Tita's bed.  I'm sure he misses the do I.  ALOT.
OK, before I start crying  sobbing because my kiddos aren't home, I'll share some pics from the last week...(sigh!)
My kids wanted a Blizzard the other day, so we jumped into the car and went to Dairy Queen.  Did you know that my very first job was at DQ? It was!  And I was 12 years old.  Now, I'm talking MANY MANY moons ago! HA!
Anyhoo....Do you think my kids ordered a KID-sized Blizzard?  Yeah Right!

 Can you say Super-Size??!!
 Here's Marko with a MBF!  What is MBF you ask?  That would be a Major Brain Freeze!  oUcH!
 I love this kid!
And here is Tita with her Mega-sized Blizzard...Now, I love ice cream.  Like, to say that I love it isn't strong doesn't even come close.  I really love it.  Especially if it's chocolate ice cream.  But this size is just a bit much...
I was sure I would find these cups (about half-full) in my freezer later that evening, and I was right!
 You know how I posted of how the kids are both in middle school this year?  Well, Tita suddenly became very interested in her appearance...UGH!  I am so not ready for that...
but I caught my little beauty getting ready to fix her hair as though she were going to some major event, when in reality, we were going to King Soopers to buy a bag of ice!  I love my mini-me!

 And we found this in a rosebush that even a week ago looked as if it needed CPR bad!
 You can't talk about summer without mentioning.....Bubbles!!

 You know how you go to drink something
that sticks to the bottom of the you lean your
head back and tap the
bottom of the cup to help it out?
........And this happens?

 HA!  Don't 'cha just HATE when that happens? (:
 This was pizza & movie night!

Oh, you know how I've written of "visitors" we get at this farmhouse?  You remember...the mouse..a huge snake...windscorpions (we've found 5 by the way...)  And you know how I've told you that 99% of the time we end up killing and disposing of these visitors??
Well, I was sitting outside today and happened to have my camera with me because I was looking through the pics on my memory card when I saw this:

 Isn't he awesome??!!
And yes, he's sitting on a Christmas light bulb.  And no, we're not redneck enough to leave our Christmas lights up all year long.  These lights are actually strung back and forth from the house to a tree above our patio table. Although, I really am a redneck. And proud! Just ask Armando...he'll tell you!
Oh, and this visitor didn't cause me to scream and run for a weapon to kill it with....just in case you were wondering!

P.S.  I started this post by telling you of how much I missed my kids and I proceed to post lots of pics of them.  I understand exactly how Peditos feels right now...


Mutt & Jeff

Well, yesterday's post was all about changes.  Lots of changes.  Other things that are certainly changing at Rancho Silva that I didn't tell you about are these babies: 

 Can you guess what they are?
 They are none other than the avocados I started from the pit back in June.  They remind me of the old comic strip of Mutt & Jeff because of their size  (:    I wrote of how to start your own back in this post .  It took a few weeks to even begin to resemble anything other than...Oh, simply an avocado pit in a glass of water, but now you can definitely tell it is a growing, thriving, happy little tree!  I actually started 2 avocado trees that day, but I only wrote of 1.  The reason I decided to do 2 of them was because the pits were different.  You know how sometimes you cut open an avocado to make some awesome guacamole, and the pit is perfectly round and kind of big?  Aand then other times, you might cut one open and find that the pit is smaller and oval shaped?  You HAVE noticed that....right?!  Well, I wanted to see what the difference might be between the two.
 Notice all of the root growth?  tIsn't that crazy?  The one on the left is actually kind of tilted and resting against the rim of the glass  because it is high-centered on the ROOT!
 See the root on the picture??!!  Esta muy grandote!
 Notice how the leaves are definitely going to be different?  At least I think they are...The one on the right has distinctive leaves already.  Here's the first picture again (so you don't have to scroll all the way to the top of the post)....(sigh!)

The smaller one, which, by the way, happens to be the large perfectly round pit is growing differently in that the leaves it's sprouting kind of "uncurl."
 So now that I've updated you on Mutt & Jeff, I just had to show you that the flowers I received last week from Tita and the hubby still look like this:

Crazy huh??  You know what they say about receiving flowers and have them look this good for days... right?  It means that they were given to you with lots of LOVE!!  (:


Math Silva style..

You know how some people have the ability to accept change in their daily lives pretty easily? While others crave stability and don't really like their routines disrupted very much?  I definitely fall into the latter...I REALLY dislike change.  Well, this fall promises to bring lots of changes to our lives.  Here's a breakdown of these changes:

1.   The fact that we no longer have elementary school-aged children.  That's right!  I've written of Marko and Tita both being in MiDdLe ScHoOl!!!  It's still hard for me to believe.  Wow.
2.   Lynette is a sEnIoR this year!  All you moms out there can attest to the fact that the old cliche of "Where has the time GONE??" is so true.
3.  My college status.  As I've written in the past, I am a full-time college student.  Yep, that's right...I am a full-time, non-traditional student because, of course, a) my age...not that you would EVER have guessed... right?! HA!, b) I have children, and c) I am married.  I was in college and almost you could see on the ticker I had on the right column of my blog.  It is no longer there because, doesn't apply to me anymore.  The reason for that is my graduation has been pushed back since I transferred to the university in my city.  Transfer....the story of my life.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if I were to look up the word TRANSFER in a dictionary and find this:

trans fer /trans'fer/
Verb: Move Rosi from one place to another;
Noun: An act of moving Rosi from one place to another.

 Not kidding! I have written of the fact that my mom has...well, had a gypsy soul and we moved All. Of. The. Time!  So I grew up always being the new kid at school at least 4 times each year...sometimes more.  Even an adult, unfortunately, I have NEVER had the luxury of starting school and actually finishing in the same school.  I was talking to my very best childhood friend Eleanor this last weekend, and she made a comment of how there were so many times that I would be at school on Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday, I would just be GONE!  And then we would move back 2 years later....or maybe 9 months later...That's crazy!  Who does that?!
Now don't get me wrong...I'm certainly not having a pity party at all because that was my childhood, and I loved loved loved the era I grew up in, although it was pretty dysfunctional at times, I guess,...but that is the reason I am the way I am....FIERCELY protective of my family's stability, Smart, Crazy, and maybe a little dorky...but that is who I AM.
Now, I know in my heart that THIS move is actually a very good thing and I have so many more opportunities at this very large university, plus having been awarded the fantastic scholarship makes this change SA-WEET, but still, just the feeling of dread that comes over me sometimes drags me right back to my childhood of always being the new kid at school.  Is that childish of me to feel that occasional dread?  I think not.  I don't feel this dread or anxiety all of the time.   In fact, 99% of the time, I'm very excited of my decision to change schools and can't wait for classes to start...but when I do feel it, it is not a very good feeling, and in all honesty, I probably should be used to it, but I think it is a feeling i will never be able to get used to.  This is a feeling that I always prayed that none of our children would ever have to experience.  Unfortunately, Lynette experienced this for a few years as a child because she was bounced back and forth, over and over again from Mexico to Colorado, and always had to adjust to change and I really hated that there was nothing I could do about it.  Hopefully, it won't affect her into adulthood as it has me.
Anyway, I will certainly post pretty regularly of my our experiences at school.
This is pretty much the equation for my family this school year:
Marko + Tita + MIDDLE SCHOOL and
Me + new, huge university = awesome adventures, and hopefully, not many misadventures....we'll see...  And you will certainly hear allllll about that, plus I'll write of my husband's experience with keeping up with all of his "students!"

The weekend is HERE!!

Loveland Lake!

This last weekend was fun.  Sunday was a beautiful summer day and we went to the Loveland Lake!  The lake is right smack in the middle of the city and you can either go to the beach area or to the grassy area.  Peditos was with us and since dogs aren't allowed on the beach area, we really didn't have a choice but to head to the grassy area.  It suited me just fine, because since he IS a part of our family, we like to include him in on our activities as much as we can. 

 The kids asked for a paleta as soon as we got there..

 The water was so warm!!
 And Peditos jumped right in..
 He was a natural!

 After about an hour of swimming and playing in the water...he was WIPED OUT!!

 Tita came out of the water with a leaf stuck to her forehead!
 After Peditos took a nap, he went right back into the water..

 Oh, and I just HAD to take a picture of the boy with the bubble butt!  Everyone laughed at him and he even caught me taking a picture of him..
 And we got soaked everytime Peditos came out of the water.  He'd walk right over to us and SHAKE off!!!
 Me and the hubs..

 Marko and Tita then ganged up on their dad to try to throw him in..

 They succeeded!

 Then it was Marko's turn..

 We got dressed and headed on over to the play equipment..
 So the kids can play..

  yep...ALL of the kids (:

 Then we tried to take a picture of all of us.  So I set the self-timer and ran to the slide.  Right about this time, Peditos decided to stand right in front of the camera..
 So I moved him and set the timer AGAIN.
But this time, some random little boy started running across...and decided to stop....YEP, he also decided to stop running right in front of the camera too!
 Please excuse the poor quality of these pictures...I must have closed the flash when I ran back to the camera....

 We had a very long, but fun day.  We were exhausted and HUNGRY!!  Qdoba was PERFECT before heading home..
 So that was our Sunday.   And we enjoyed it very much! We are so fortunate that we have such a beautiful lake near our home.  We haven't been able to go to the mountains this summer because of the flash-flood warnings, but that's ok....we'll head to the mountains this winter to sled (:

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