Jack Of All Trades...

Tonight I was in the garage with the big garage door open half way, when Tita comes into the garage to ask me something.  Our dog, Peditos is like her shadow: ALWAYS right behind her!  Peditos comes running into the garage and runs straight OUT the door, down the driveway and down the street!  Ooo I was soo mad! So we're running down the street right behind him and everytime we'd get closer to him, he'd take off like a bat out of hell.  We played this stupid game for about 10 minutes and I was so frustrated with him when suddenly he stops!  I couldn't figure out why he suddenly "let" us near him....well, he ran right into a sticker patch and had all 4 of his paws, his tail, his belly AND around his mouth all covered in stickers..and he would NOT let us take them out!  I had my Crocs covered in stickers, Tita had her shoes covered in stickers and we couldn't put Peditos down for a second because his paws still had the stickers on them.
I started separating his fur to get some of the stickers off, but he was really sensitive to the ones around his mouth.  He would NOT let me near them!  I figured the only way I was going to remove them was with scissors.......

Disclaimer:  I know how to do many things.....but I NEVER claimed to be a dog groomer......(I just wanted to make that VERY CLEAR!)

So this is what Peditos looked like before:

And this is what he looks like NOW:

 But HEY...No more stickers!! Yay! :)

I'm positive he'd thank me if he could!

I think from now on, I'll stick to crafty things rather than playing dog groomer.  This is one thing I did last week that DID come out very nicely....
I found a blog in which the lady copied the Pottery Barn Easter Egg decor...and I so did too.  They spell out Happy Easter and they came out perfect!  Total cost: $2.99 for the eggs at King Soopers, instead of paying the $18 at PB!

I'm going to work on another project I've been itching to do....but I can't find the scissors!.............I think Tita or Peditos hid them from me!

Driver's Ed...

Ok, so I have never claimed to be the best driver in the world.  I'm not the worst, of course, but certainly not the best.  I remember when I got my driver's license for the first time.  I was 16 and living in Nebraska.  I clearly remember I walked to the all-purpose building (that's what everyone called it because you did almost everything in that building) by myself to take the written test.  That was a very lucky day for me because I actually found a $50 bill on the ground at a parking lot I passed on my way!  That is a good amount now, but it went so much further back then.  I was in a GREAT mood after having found that money.  I got there, took the test and passed it, and made an appointment for the following day to take the driving test.  Once I passed both the written and the driving tests, I would have my picture taken and I would walk out with my driver's license.
The next day, I borrowed my mom's car to be able to take the driving part of the test.  I drove to the all-purpose building (I know....I drove over there withOUT a driver's license!)  and told the lady at the counter what I was there for.  One of the instructors grabbed his clipboard and told me he was ready to go with me, and out we went to my mom's car.  We got into the car and I noticed that my mom's car didn't have very much gas!  I told the instructor that we needed to stop at the gas station nearby, and would it be ok to start the test AFTER I pumped gas in the car?  He agreed, so I drive to the gas station, (nervous as heck!), being extra careful to make a complete stop, use my signal lights, etc....... and wouldn't you know it??!!  I get to the gas station, drive in and HIT one of the cement posts that surround the actual gas pump!!  My first thought was that any chance I had of getting my driver's license was shot...  The instructor looked at me and said "You just hit the post!" (not kidding!) and I said..."I know!...but you agreed that the test wouldn't start until AFTER I pumped gas...remember?"  I was only half-kidding by then!  He wrote something down on his clipboard and turned to me.  Imagine my surprise when he finally said.."O.K!"........ HA!  I quickly got out of the car to see of there was any damage to the post or the car.  The car may or may not have had a few scratches, but the post was fine.  I pumped gas, paid for it, and we left.  I passed the test (by some miracle!)  and I got my driver's license!! I was so excited!!  So....ever since then, I follow the laws regarding driving, I have my kids answer my cell phone if it rings while I'm driving, and try my best to avoid "THOSE drivers"...you know the ones, the ones that text while driving, road-ragers, or even worst, drunk drivers or even the ones that have an application of some kind on their steering wheel, and actually fill it out while driving 75 MPH down the interstate (I'm NOT kidding...I actually saw that a few weeks ago!)
Well..my biggest pet peeve is when an ambulance or fire truck is blaring down the street as fast as they can trying to get to an emergency and people actually stay on the lane, blocking their way!!  I've NEVER understood that!  I am always the first one to pull over in an attempt to make it easier for the emergency personnel to drive through.  I'm also the first to give "those people" a dirty look.  How dare they not move out of the way!
Well this morning, Tita had to get to school early because she had choir practice, so I took her on my way to my school.  The radio was turned down low because she and I were talking and I tried to look around the pickup that was in front of me because there were a lot of cars pulled over on the side of her school.  I even said "I think there is a car wreck up ahead."  Well, the next thing I know, a REALLY loud horn blares at ME!  I got annoyed and looked in my rear-view mirror and what did I see?? AN AMBULANCE with it's lights swirling!  I promise I never saw the lights or heard their horn!  Suddenly, I'm one of "THOSE PEOPLE" and I felt horrible....JUST HORRIBLE!!  I hurried up and moved out of the ambulance's way and said a little prayer for the people the paramedics were on the way to help.
I continued to feel terrible all day long....and yes, I got the dirty looks from the people that HAD pulled over.  And I deserved them.

How long before the weekend is here??

Ezequiel's Dedication!

Today we went to Longmont to Baby Ezequiel's Dedication to his family's church.  Ezequiel's mom Catrina is Brenda's baby sister.  I wrote of Brenda and her mom Margie in an earlier post.  I love this family and was so happy to be able to document this special event in their lives.  I took a lot of pictures..

This is Ezequiel with his mom Catrina and dad Ricardo, along with Pastor Alfredo, his wife Monica and their daughter Allie.

Lisa and me.  Lisa is Brenda's aunt, and I actually went to High School with her.  We won't talk about what year THAT was :)

Me, Catrina, Mandy, Erica and Brenda (sitting down.)
This is all of the sisters except for Debbie.

Mandy and her hubby Rogelio.

Lisa with her daughter, son-in-law and all her grandkids.

Lisa and her daughter.

These are the prints I gifted Ezequiel.  The one on the right, I saw on a website and I made one for him with all of his stats.  I found the perfect scripture for the one on the left.  It reads: "I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted what I asked of Him..." 1 Samuel 1:27

Brenda's sister Debbie, her husband Otoniel and their son Nathaniel.

I didn't know who this little one belonged to when I found this perfect photo-op.  I found out it is Brenda's aunt's granddaughter...too cute!

Brenda, Raul and Ezequiel

Brenda and all of her siblings: Catrina, Debbie, Brenda, Mandy, Erica and Frankie

The Guest of Honor

Me and my family

My kiddos on our way home.
We had a great time...May God Bless and protect Ezequiel today and always!

The Houses that built me...

One of my favorite songs is "The House That Built Me" by Miranda Lambert.  This song almost brings me to tears because it is such a tender song that speaks of her childhood home.  Although she no longer lives in that house, she speaks of returning to visit the home and promises she "...won't take nothin' but a memory, from the house that built her.."  Most people have those memories of the house they grew up in and even pictures of themselves as children..maybe by the Christmas tree, or playing outside, or even climbing a tree in the yard.  I know this because I have seen pictures like these..of other people, of course, because I never had "that house."  We moved A-L-O-T the whole time I was growing up.  I attended a total of 47 schools from Kindergarden til I graduated.  One of the closest I ever got to "that house" was when we were living at my grandma's farm in Fort Morgan,  Colorado.  I grew up calling her Ama.   I loved Ama so very much and I loved that farm..  Ama had 17 children.  14 survived.  She was the perfect grandma.  She loved all of her kids and grandchildren.  And boy she could cook!  My mom, all her older siblings and my grandpa all worked in the fields, and I remember when they would come home, there was a stack of about 100 freshly-made tortillas with every meal.  I don't know how she did it, but she did...She was amazing.  I have aunts and uncles just a couple years older than me, and we were always playing outside..hide & seek in the corn fields, riding bikes, playing in the ditch...fun kid stuff,  and just coming inside long enough to eat!  My favorite uncle on my mom's side, is my uncle Joe.  He was so amazing.   He was one of my mom's younger brothers and  I spent so much time with him growing up.  He spoiled me as a kid.  My uncle Joe will definately get his own post and soon! Anyway,  I remember the schoolbus picking all of us up at that farm.  The bus would drop some of us off at the elementary, Jr. and Sr. High.  Those really were the good 'ole days.  I have memories of  us kids feeding the pigs, playing in the yard, playing in the corn fields that surrounded the farm, and I remember feeling safe when I went to bed at night.  Later, my grandparents moved to Brush, Colorado, just a few miles up the road.  I have wonderful memories of that farm too:  playing outside in the dirt, the ditch, the trees and doing maybe 2 million cartwheels on my grandma's grass, before I went home. Wherever home was at the time, because later, we no longer lived with my grandparents.  Ama died about this time, and it was a very difficult time for all of us.  She was our Rock.  She really was the glue that held the family together.  My mom moved us right after this to Texas.
Growing up, we would live in a house as little as 2 weeks to as long as 6 months.  I don't know why, we just did.  And not even in the same town.  We would yoyo from Texas to Colorado to Nebraska, back to Texas, but a different town, then back to Colorado but a different town, and so on....  It was very hard always being the new kid at school, making new friends, learning new routines and learning my way around new schools.  But most importantly, leaving my friends behind.  What made it even more difficult was the fact that we didn't have internet or cell phones back then.  Once I left, that was it.  No more contact with people that were important to me.  We would sometimes move back to the same town, so I was able to reconnect with some of my friends and that was awesome.
One of my friends I actually knew from the time we were in Head Start!  Head Start is similar to preschool, but for low-income children.  This was in Alliance, Nebraska.  Alliance is a small town that probably isn't even on the map.  My best friend's name is Eleanor and she has a twin, Elaine.  My mom has a picture of us when we were in Head Start!  I love that picture because it is actually the only picture I think that exists of the 3 of us.  Eleanor and Elaine's older sister Bonnie is also in the picture and we're about 3 or 4 years old.  My mom was a teacher's aide at the time, so she is also in the picture.
We ended up moving back to Alliance when I was in the 3rd grade and again when I was in the 7th grade.  That time, we actually stayed there for a couple years (off and on) and by this, I mean we would move for 2-3 months and then come back!  I know this is confusing to understand, but that was my life.  I loved living in Alliance because that was where Eleanor lived.  We would walk to and from school every day.  We didn't mind it because me, Eleanor and Elaine talked about EVERYTHING under the sun.  Our houses were very far from the school, so we had plenty of time to talk.  We lived real close to each other too, so that was so awesome!  This was after Ama passed away, and my grandpa and my uncle Pete moved to a house my grandpa owned in Alliance and we moved in with them.  Eleanor's house was just across the alley, across the street and like 4 houses down.  We were together every day...before AND after school.  I've mentioned Eleanor's older sister Bonnie and her twin Elaine, but she also has her baby sister, Joanne and 2 older sisters, Rose and Donna.  Joanne is actually my cousin!  I told you my life is confusing ...that definately deserves it's own post someday.
So I've talked about Fort Morgan, Brush , and Alliance,...most importantly, I've talked about Ama...  One of the two other places that "built me" was Post, Texas.  I was actually born in this little town, and it probably isn't on the map either.   My parents divorced when I was about 3 months old and I never went back until  I moved in with my aunt (tia) Aurelia and my uncle (tio) Pru when I was 14.  The plan was for me to move with my dad; but I didn't want to.  I ended up moving in with my tia and tio and it was the best decision I ever made.  I will always treasure my memories of my tia and tio's house.  They have 3 daughters: Cindy, Diana and Gina.  They also raised my cousin Jackie after her mother died.  So....my poor uncle Pru lived with 6 women...SIX!!!  He is the only man I ever knew to have been able to handle this.  He was and is an angel.  I honestly never saw him without a huge smile on his face.  I loved him so much.  My tia was incredible too.  So good and so loving.  They treated me just like their own kids.  No different.  They were amazing to me and I will never forget it.  Also in Post is my aunt (tia) Rita and uncle (tio) David.  I also lived with them for a while and they raised me as if I were their biological child.  They were also very good and loving to me.  They have 4 kids of their own: David Lee, Valerie, Veronia and Kim.  Money was very tight for them, but yet, they had ability to take me in.  I love them very much.
Another house that built me was when I lived with a special friend in Longmont, Colorado.  Her name was Margie and she was also amazing.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  I don't know how she did it, but she single-handedly raised her six children, and STILL had room, not just in her house, but also in her heart for one more......me.   She took me in and helped heal me, because when I moved in with her family, I was completely broken.  Emotionally and physically.  But not for long.  She helped me when I needed the most help, and for that, I will always be grateful.  Her daughter Brenda became one of my best friends.  My funniest memory of me and Brenda was one night while eating a pomegranite.  Boy did we make a mess!  and another time when we put Margies's license plates over mine, forgot and drove off.   We lost them somewhere and Margie wasn't even mad!  Or if she was, she didn't show it.  Ok, that was 2, but if you knew this family, you would understand. :)
So there you have it.  The houses that built me.  The saying that it takes a village to raise a child is true.  I'm living proof.  So I want to give my heartfelt thanks to these important people in my life.  There were others, but  the people that built my foundation were Ama, my uncle Joe, Eleanor, My tia Aurelia and tio Pru, My tia Rita and Tio David, Margie and Brenda.  Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Some of these beautiful people have passed away: Ama, Uncle Joe, tio Pru and Margie.  Jesus needed these angels in heaven...Rest in peace.

Here is the video of Miranda's song.  Enjoy!

God works in mysterious ways!

I had a major panic attack last night when I realized mine AND my kids' social security cards were missing.  I was actually getting ready for bed when I saw the large, clear, hard-plastic envelope I keep important stuff like the SS cards, birth certificates, immunizations, etc., on the desk.  Since the envelope is clear, they were always visible because the envelope has a small 'pocket' inside that I kept them in.   Just a quick glance sent me into a frenzy looking for the missing cards.  I had my identity stolen a few years back and it was an absolute nightmare trying to get that straightened out!  THAT also deserves it's own post.  You will never believe who it was.................Sooo, I was really super worried about the fact that the cards might have been dropped at an appointment I had earlier in the day.   I tore apart the filing cabinet and looked EVERYWHERE in every single room for the cards, with no luck.  It really irked me that I really needed to go to sleep because I had a final exam at school today and I needed my rest!  But if the cards were in my house, I was going to find them.  I remembered I switched purses about a month ago and thought that maybe...just maybe, they were in the purse I used last month.  I got the purse from my closet and looked in all of the pockets, but they were'nt there; however, I was pleasantly surprised to find something I had lost a while back...Now, it wasn't a WHOLE LOT of something, but it was a very nice surprise.  I thanked God and asked Him to please guide me in the right direction to locate the lost cards because I REALLY needed to get to sleep because I was going to totally bomb my test today if I didn't get any sleep...it was probably 1:30 am by now, and I get up at 5 am to get ready and get my kids and myself off to school.  10 minutes later, with a very heavy heart, I gave up and decided to just go to bed.  I opened my drawer in my bedroom to get a pair of socks before I went to bed and what is sitting right in the drawer?? The SS cards!!  I had gotten into that drawer at least 3 times that day and I promise the cards were NOT there.  I KNOW it was divine intervention.  I slept like a baby!  :)

P.S.  Today was the kids' godmother's birthday.  Happy Birthday Comadre Diana!  We love you very much, hope all of your birthday wishes came true, and may God Bless you always!

Marko's band concert!

My son Marko played the trumpet in his school’s band this year, and I must say how proud I am of him!  I was in band for years, so watching my son play an instrument in a band is pretty special.
When school began in August 2010, Marko's band teacher, Mr. Reed, had his work cut out for him...I remember Marko’s very 1st band concert.  It was at end of September, so the kids had only been in band for approximately 1 month:  Family and friends filled the seats, the curtains opened up slowly, and the room grew quiet.  We were all waiting anxiously for the concert to begin.  Mr. Reed appeared, introduced himself and said that the kids had been working very hard and that they were ready to show us what they had learned.  Mr. Reed raised his baton and they played…..…the scale….forward and backward.   That was it! The concert was over.  The kids had learned the scale.  It was the most adorable concert I had ever attended…and the kids were SO proud of themselves and I could just see the incredible pride in my fellow parents’ eyes.  I may or may not have gotten a tear in my eye…OK…I admit it..I did.  I choked up.  I mean, come on...this was my baby playing in his first band concert!  It was so amazing.  Mr. Reed scheduled his band’s 1st concert a month into the school year because he wanted us to see the amazing difference from then and now.
Mr. Reed has done an incredible job with these kids.  They have learned so very much.  I have posted some pictures of their performance:

Awww...look at my Marko!

Oh, and it appears that Marko and two other kids did not receive the memo regarding the required white shirt… /:
This is us after the concert..

And this is Gabriella and Peditos getting ready for bed.  Peditos jumped right into the shower while Tita was in there!  He really is one of the kids….except he’s covered in fur..
I am blessed..Oh and I forgot to mention that we have been getting some really warm weather!!!  Hopefully, I will be able to FINALLY put our winter clothes A-W-A-Y.....fingers crossed!

A Rose by any other name...

Disclaimer:  I originally posted this last night; however, I HAD to edit it today....it was written absolutely HORRIBLE!  It was very late last night when I finally had a chance to post it and I was struggling to stay awake, so it didn't make sense...sorry..  I promise it is exactly the same, except for some much needed editing!  :)

I just want to clarify the reason my signature is either Rosi, Mom or Honey at the bottom of each post. To start off: my legal name is Rosita....What WAS my mother thinking? I grew up being called Rosi. It didn't matter if I was at home, at school, or at a dr.'s appointment...Rosi it was. I remember discovering my "real" name when I was about 7 years old. I didn't care for it then and I certainly don't like it now. I guess most kids go through a stage in their life when they wish they had been named something other than their birth name. I know I did.
I remember being 7 years old and the 'it' toy for 1972 was the Cinnamon doll. I wanted her soo bad. I would lie awake at night and imagine myself playing with her and combing her hair, or just holding her in my hands.
 I remember her hair would "grow" longer when you pushed a button on her tummy. I always combed her hair into such beautiful hairstyles (to the best of my 8-year-old abilities..)
That Cinnamon doll was pretty much the only time in my life that I remember wanting or needing a material thing so badly. My chances of actually owning Cinnamon was pretty much 0 to none. I was raised by a single mother who somehow was able to raise her 3 kids with no help whatsoever. We never received any child support from dad..ever. But that deserves it's own post...maybe someday I can bring myself to write about that part of my life down. Anyway, money was pretty extremely tight growing up and we usually pretty much always went without any and all luxuries in life. I am not exaggerating about our dire situation. At one point in my childhood, we were homeless and lived in my mom's car.
I remember going to the store with my mom and me and my siblings never asking for anything. We understood at a very young age that my mom just didn't have any money. Us kids were'nt ever sad about doing without. Truth is, how can you miss something you've never had.......right? So even though I wanted that doll so badly, I just knew to never expect to have her. Well wouldn't you know it?! I got her as my 8th birthday present! I cried when I saw her. Just writing about it now, gives me goosebumps because that memory is so engrained in my mind, that it is just physically impossible to forget it. Trust me when I say that I will never, ever understand how my mother was able to buy it for me that year. But she did! My Cinnamon doll was absolutely beautiful, with long brown hair and the most amazing eyes. I was crazy, out-of-this world in love with her. I remember I would play with her after school and always put her back into her box exactly the way she came. I would put her up high so that my little sister and brother would never get her and accidently drop her, or get her hair sticky with something they might be eating. I LOVED her with all my heart and I was so very proud to have her! Well..can you guess what I wanted my name to be when I was 8 years old? Yep! I wanted to be named Cinnamon. Can you imagine?? In my 8 year old mind, that name was perfect for me. :)

Well even though I always took such good care of her and always put her back in her packaging just like she was in the stores, we moved yet again, and Cinnamon was lost! I cried many many tears for her. I was absolutely, without a doubt, devastated. It took me a very long time to get over the pain of losing her because I just knew my mom would never be able to afford to buy me another one. Worst of it? I was looking for that doll online a few years back and discovered the cost back then. It retailed for $2.99. I truly hope that whomever ended up with my Cinnamon doll loved her as much as I did.

As I grew, I started having new names: I started working at 12-years-old, and at work, I was known as Rose :) I was ALWAYS known as Rose at jobs I have had. When I met Armando, my name was Rosi Plascencia. That was my former married name. Some years later, Armando and I got married, so I became Rosi Silva, or "Babe," as Armando calls me, or  "Armando's wife," by people at Armando's job.
Then, as I wrote in an earlier post, I became a stepmom, so suddenly I was referred to as "Laura's, Lynette's or Ivan's stepmom. Ivan is my stepson's middle name, and that is what he is called by family and close friends.
After Marko started talking,  for some reason, started calling me "Honey."
After Gabriella (Tita) started talking, she would hear Marko call me Honey, so she also grew up calling me Honey! Then Marko & Tita started preschool and I became known as Marko's or Gabriella's mom. I loved it!
I wasn't called "Mom" by Marko & Tita until Marko was in the 2nd grade, after he grew to be embarrassed to call me Honey in front of his friends. Tita stopped calling me Honey when she also was in the 2nd grade.

Then it was "Mommy," but kids grow up and now I am called "Mom."
My stepdaughter Laura's son will be 2 next month, and she has taught him to call me Honey. So Honey is back..and it depends on who I'm writing to, or what I'm writing about that determines my signature being Rosi, Honey, or Mom. I can tell you what it will NEVER be....Rosita or Cinnamon!! :)

Hope everyone has a F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C week!!

Dream house...

Everyone I think at one point or another dreams of the house they would love to own.  I think even people that just recently buy a home still dream of that brighter bathroom, or that larger closet, etc.  I am really not that picky.  The only requirements I would have for it to fall into the 'dream house' category would be:

1.  It would have to have a large kitchen.  I even would like love it to have industrial appliances with a farmhouse sink.  I absolutely love restaurant-style stoves & refrigerators...all stainless steel of course.  I love to cook-- and for some reason, never learned to cook small portions.  If you didn't know me and saw the huge meals I cook, most would think I was raised in a household with 25 kids or something.  I wasn't.
2.  It would have to have a humongo laundry room.  My laundry room is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  Not sure why, it just is.
3.  It must have a family room..or 'great room' as it's now called in the newer homes.  I have never liked having a TV in the living room with bodies all over the couches all the time and eating food in the living room...yucky!  That's what family rooms are for.  We LIVE in our family room.  I bought the kids a small table that I found on Cragislist that is set up in there so they can sit down to eat or do homework on.  I can probably count on one hand the times we've actually used the dining table to eat a meal since I bought that table.
4.  And finally, it would definately have to have a workshop in the back yard.  I can keep all of my arts & crafts supplies and projects in there all nice and organized without cluttering the house with it....I really don't care if the workshop/shed is fancy or not..although fancy would be nice.  I'd be happy with a decent sized one.

I have always wanted a workshop.  I remember a house I lived in many years ago (even before I had my babies) that had a huge basement.  The basement was where I spent countless hours working on different  projects.  I loved it.  I usually have a few projects going on at the same time.  At this moment, I have:

5 knitting projects started that I must finish soon;
2 chairs in my garage that have been tore apart so that I can reupholster and actually put INTO my house;
2 dressers that I am going to sand down and repaint;
1 mirror to stencil and hang;  AND...
I currently search on craigslist every chance I get because I am waiting for the perfect entertainment center to be posted so that I can start on another project I would love to do for my laundry room; plus:
Many other projects I dream of doing but just haven't found the time because I have had such a heavy load with school.......until today.  Today I FINALLY got to work on a project I've been itching to do--I made a book wreath.  I found the instructions online.  My baby Gabriella actually helped on the project and she loved it.  I was loving that fact because I have such a passion for arts & crafts, and SHE has developed a love for it too, so that is another special thing that we share.  I am so excited to be able to teach her things I know how to do, such as sew and knit; and learn new things together as well.
I have tons of books, but they are in storage, so she and I went to the local ARC to look for a book to use for the wreath.  She chose a very old dictionary and it was perfect.  We decided to use seashells my mom gave me for the accent in the center.

Here is Gabriella with our finished project:

 We decided to hang it in the upstairs hallway above a dresser.  I love it there!

 I have a large round vase filled with sand, seashells and candles that I will put on the dresser
for the finishing touch.

Thank you Tita!  It turned out perfect because you helped baby.  I love you....

19 Something....

I was driving home from school today and 19 Something by Mark Wills came on the radio.  It's a song about growing up in the 70s and 80s.   It's a 'guys' version of the song, so some things, of course, don't apply, but hearing this song always brings a smile to my face because most everything in the song means something to me.
I was a poster child for the 70s & 80s and I wouldn't trade those years for nothin'....I L-O-V-E-D my growing-up years.  My mom moved us around ALOT and I never really had stability; but if I had the chance to be born again, I would absolutely choose my same childhood and same era.  The music from that special time is so unique and awesome.  My opinion?  If you weren't born in that era, with the incredible music I grew up with, you MISSED OUT!   Even now when I hear a song from the 70s or 80s, it takes me RIGHT back to my childhood/teenage years.  I will never grow tired of listening to the music. Ever.

"I saw Star Wars at least 8 times
Had the pac-man pattern memorized.....

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Well...I wasn't much of a SW fan, but pac-man...that's a whole other story.  My best friend Eleanor, her twin Elaine, and I could be found many a nights at the arcade or the PDQ.  First with Pac-man and later with Ms. Pac-man.  It was 1970 something.  We were all  12 at the time and we absolutely had the pattern memorized.  I had the chance to play the game a few years back at Casa Bonita in Denver and I STILL had the pattern memorized!  I couldn't believe it.  Well back then, me and the twins had the high score displayed on the screen with our initials at least 99% of the time.  We'd have our quarters lining the screen to mark our place in line for the game. HA!

...And I've seen the stuff they put inside
Stretch Armstrong,....

I was Roger Stauback back in my back yard;
Had a shoebox full of baseball cards..
And a couple of Evil Kinevil scars
On my right arm.
Well, I was a kid when Elvis died,
And my mama cried...

I clearly remember the day I found out Elvis died.  It was 1970 something, just like the song states..  I was still 12.  My mom was devastated!  I spent countless hours reading about his life/death/family.  You couldn't pick up ANY reading material without at least half of it dedicated to Elvis!

It was 1970- something
In the world that I grew up in
Farrah Fawcett hair-do days

Who can forget the Farrah Fawcett 'feathered' hair??!!   It was an absolute phenomenon!
E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E  had this hairstyle.  Yes, I did too :) No pics though...things tend to get lost when you move so many times...

Bell bottoms and 8-track tapes

I clearly remember wearing bell bottoms.  I saw a picture a few years back of my neon green bell bottoms....NOT KIDDING!!  And who can forget those HUGE 8-track tapes.  I remember 9 times out of 10, the player would EAT the tape, so you had to open the 'box
 and wind the tape back in it's place.  Sometimes, you had to splice the tape because a chunk of the tape was irrepairable.  Shoot...you learned to splice the 8-track tape before you learned to read!  I also remember folding a piece of cardboard or something thick to wedge into the top or bottom of the 8-track to align it right so it would actually play the song.  I remember they usually held about 8 songs.  Then technology of course brought us the cassette tape.  It was sure handy to already know how to splice tape!   :)

...Lookin' back now I can see me
And oh, man did I look cheesy...

See above:  neon green bell bottoms :)  I will try to track that picture down so I can post it.  That clearly deserves it's own post.  Talk about a walk down memory lane!

..But I wouldn't trade those days for nothin'
It was 1970-something...

..It was the dawning of a new decade
When we got our first microwave,..

I know it's hard to imagine NOT having a microwave...but I still clearly remember needing to use the stove to warm up ANYTHING that needed to be warmed up.  As a kid, if you wanted a quick 'warmed up' snack/meal, that meant you'd get a fork, stab a weiner on it and warm it up on the stove.  I remember you could always find black (burned) forks at my mom's/grandma's/aunt's houses.  Oh, and did I mention that our "New" microwave was almost as big as our console tv??!!

..And Dad broke down and finally shaved
Those sideburns off,
I took the stickers off of my Rubix cube;
Watched MTV all afternoon...

My brother took MY stickers off...I was soo mad!  And what can I say about MTV...WOW!  My favorite favorite video of all time would have to be the original We Are the World video.  I still watch it occasionally and it still has the same effect on me..probably always will.  Back then, you could watch MTV with your parents because it certainly was not the present day MTV, with all of the inappropriate stuff they have on it.  Back in the day, you could watch Dr. Hook, Bruce Springsteen (sigh..), Paul McCartney & Wings, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Rick Springfield, Meatloaf, just to name a few AMAZING singers.  Have I mentioned that 80s music was/is the best?

..My first love was Daisy Duke
In them cut off jeans.
A Space Shuttle fell out of the sky
And the whole world cried....

I also clearly remember the exact moment I watched this live on TV with my mom.  I remember I was laying on my mom's couch, she was flipping the channels and said "You want to watch the space shuttle take-off?"  I told her I did and we watched the pre-take-off interviews with the astronauts/teacher.  10 minutes later they were gone.  Right before our eyes.  Unbelievably sad.

...It was 1980-something
In the world that I grew up in-
Skating rinks and Black Trans Ams,...

You really couldn't grow up in the 80s without a skating rink nearby.   I was 16 at the time and I remember I went skating every. single. weekend!  We moved 60 miles from the town that my best friend Eleanor lived in, so the twins went skating with me a few times, other times, my friends, Elva, Nelda, Lily and Tippy would go with me.  That skating rink will always be special to me.  And about the Trans-Am:  believe it or not,  my boyfriend at the time had a brand new Trans-Am!  Not black, but still...

..Big hair and parachute pants... 


I never actually wore parachute pants.  My brother and all of his friends may or may not have worn them.  I'll never tell. HA!

..Lookin' back now I can see me
And oh, man did I look cheesy!
But I wouldn't trade those days for nothin'...
It was 1980-something...

Now I got a mortgage and an SUV
But all this responsibility
Makes me wish sometimes

Chorus:It was 1980-something
In the world that I grew up in
Skating rinks and Black Trans Ams
Big hair and parachute pants
Lookin' back now I can see me
And oh, man did I look cheesy
But I wouldn't trade those days for nothin'
It was 1980-something...

..Aw, it was 19-Something"........

I personally think Mark Wills wrote this song just for me... ;)

Spring forward!

I've been slacking on my blog posts, so I have some catching up to do...
Saturday was a laazzzy day...we all just kind of laid around and watched TV all day :)
Sunday was Daylight Savings day and although this is never my favorite day because it throws me off for at least 2 days with the hour difference, I was a good sport and we went to the kids' old school so the kids could play basketball.

2 pts!!

Marko also made his baskets most of the time!
As did Lynette...

My nephew was not so lucky...but he had fun anyway!

The girls and I went to the play equipment for a while and we had fun taking pictures.

You need a visual for this:  I had the camera hung around my neck and it hangs to about my ribs...Well, Lynette hung on the monkey bars and couldn't get down, so I went to help her off and was going to grab her by her shoulders and my camera swung toward her and bonked her on the head!! and hard! That was so funny...  We laughed so hard that our makeup smeared!!

Then we came home, grilled some burgers outside and watched my favorite movie...

I LOVE this movie.  I could watch it every day and not get sick of it!

It was a good day--even without that extra hour...
Until bedtime, Marko had such a horrible cough..my poor baby..He ended up losing all of his dinner and his best friend last night was the porcelain throne.  I kept him home from school today because he was still feeling under the weather.  Hopefully he'll be well enough tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that last week, I was really stressed about a test I was taking for my pharmacy class and I completely ACED it!!  I only missed ONE question!!  That made my WHOLE week  :)  Well...tomorrow, I take my midterm for that class and I just hope I'm not feeling a little 'over-confident' because of last week's test.

4 days til Friday!! :)

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