Today is a special day…ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!! I wanted to tell you that it amazes me how quickly the time goes by.  I remember the day I met you.  You were only 3-years-old, with huge, bright eyes and the biggest smile.  You were so small that you were still wearing the pants that snap up the middle of the legs!  You talked non-stop, were an absolute HANDFUL and so incredibly curious.  You always had questions about EVERYTHING.  You even went up to complete strangers to ask THEM questions!  I learned right off the bat that the way to your heart was with McDonald’s fries.   (:
You have grown to be a beautiful young lady and I want you to know that I am here for you if you ever need my help.  I don’t ever want you to think that whatever problem you may be dealing with is too big or too small to bother me with.
My birthday wishes for you are (I know it’s YOUR birthday and the wishes should be yours, but still…    :)
1.   That you are always happy;
2.   That you don’t waste your tears…if you ever cry, let it be happy tears;
3.   That you make the right choices in life;
4.   That you drive safely and never text while driving;
5.   That you know you are loved;
6.   That you never, ever, get into a car with someone that’s been drinking;
7.   That you never lose your sense of humor…it’s awesome;
8.   That you take to heart whatever advice you are given…learn from other people’s mistakes;
9.   That you succeed in your studies;
10.                And finally, that you continue dancing with God until the right man cuts in.
Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 you.

Rosi  ;)

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