Tick..Tock..Tick..Tock.... :)

Disclaimer:  I have not worn a  real wristwatch (wow..what a tongue-twister! Even to type it was hard!) since.....1995ish...I know, I know, some of you were not even born yet...................AND??!!

Ok, long story short...I have told you of the fact that I am a Medical Specialties student and if any of you have gone to the doctor's office, the doctors and their staff will usually be seen wearing a wristwatch.......................don't ask me why, they just DO!  Anyway, our class was informed Monday that since we were all med students- striving to work in the medical field upon graduation........you guessed it!  We must wear a wristwatch...
I have not even owned a watch since the '90's and the only reason I had one waaay baack then was because I was working at a job that awarded their employees for each year of employment i.e., the first year you got a really nice coffee mug, 2nd year you got a jacket, etc.  Well, I think I was on my 5th year and THAT anniversary meant I was awarded a very nice wristwatch!  I was so proud of it because very very few employees had one..but I did! :)  I remember I specifically asked for the men's version of the watch because the women's just didn't look 'nice' enough.  So I got the men's with the larger face on it.  I loved it!   Sometime after that, I started working for an attorney and suddenly, it just wasn't appropriate to wear my watch with my previous employer's logo on it..   After that, if I need to know the time, I simply look at my cell phone--I mean...who doesn't do that!?  Well since the good 'ole Iphone is not equipped with the seconds hand, it just isn't good precise enough.  So Armando bought me this:

Lynette took the picture 'backwards,' so it kind of gives the illusion that you're turning your head when you're really not...

I L-O-V-E it...He did so good.  I love how he paid attention to detail and actually chose this one because it matches my wedding ring perfectly!  I purposefully (is that even a word?? I tried purposely and it just didn't look right!) hid my nails because since I got a new watch.....it justifies me getting a manicure...right??!! I think I deserve a mani..might as well get the mani/pedi combo while I'm there..right??  Ok..this post wasn't all that short, sorry...  Tomorrow I'm gonna want to check the whole class's vital signs just to have an excuse to look at my new watch!
If anyone is wondering the time, just ask me!   Thank you babe.  You picked the perfect one!  :)

I have to go to bed now because I have a mid-term tomorrow.. good night all!

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