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Tonight I was in the garage with the big garage door open half way, when Tita comes into the garage to ask me something.  Our dog, Peditos is like her shadow: ALWAYS right behind her!  Peditos comes running into the garage and runs straight OUT the door, down the driveway and down the street!  Ooo I was soo mad! So we're running down the street right behind him and everytime we'd get closer to him, he'd take off like a bat out of hell.  We played this stupid game for about 10 minutes and I was so frustrated with him when suddenly he stops!  I couldn't figure out why he suddenly "let" us near him....well, he ran right into a sticker patch and had all 4 of his paws, his tail, his belly AND around his mouth all covered in stickers..and he would NOT let us take them out!  I had my Crocs covered in stickers, Tita had her shoes covered in stickers and we couldn't put Peditos down for a second because his paws still had the stickers on them.
I started separating his fur to get some of the stickers off, but he was really sensitive to the ones around his mouth.  He would NOT let me near them!  I figured the only way I was going to remove them was with scissors.......

Disclaimer:  I know how to do many things.....but I NEVER claimed to be a dog groomer......(I just wanted to make that VERY CLEAR!)

So this is what Peditos looked like before:

And this is what he looks like NOW:

 But HEY...No more stickers!! Yay! :)

I'm positive he'd thank me if he could!

I think from now on, I'll stick to crafty things rather than playing dog groomer.  This is one thing I did last week that DID come out very nicely....
I found a blog in which the lady copied the Pottery Barn Easter Egg decor...and I so did too.  They spell out Happy Easter and they came out perfect!  Total cost: $2.99 for the eggs at King Soopers, instead of paying the $18 at PB!

I'm going to work on another project I've been itching to do....but I can't find the scissors!.............I think Tita or Peditos hid them from me!

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