This is how we roll...

Laura and Julian came over last night for dinner and we had a good time.  After dinner, Laura and I went to Safeway to ONLY buy a 'panque,' or pan dulce.....sweet bread for Armando.  We rushed through the aisles, and after we got back, Laura and I sat outside the house and had one of our long talks.  We hadn't had one of those in quite a while and  I missed them... Then we got inside and Armando asked for the panque....We emptied the bags and this is what we bought:

1. Ham
2. Sliced cheese for sandwiches
3. Mayonnaise
4. Hair conditioner
5. Rice cakes

Ok..I have heard of people going to the store for 1 thing and buying lots of other stuff and forgetting the 1 thing they originally went for.  Well....Laura and I did just that!  I guess it's true that after you have kids, you become forgetful....someone told me that once, I just can't remember WHO.     I felt, I bought 12 items from the Mexican bakery + a box of donuts + 2 packages of panque! Sorry babe....I hope this makes it up to you..

Then, I started doing a load of laundry and Grandpa was jumping out at Julian and I think he was actually starting to scare him a little!  :)

I was busy walking from the washer to the dryer, loading, unloading and hanging up clothes.  I looked up and this is what I saw on the dryer...........Bet you can't guess who it was!.....

Have you guessed who the little mystery legs belong to?????

It was JULIAN!  :)

We love you!

(honey)  :)

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