Spring forward!

I've been slacking on my blog posts, so I have some catching up to do...
Saturday was a laazzzy day...we all just kind of laid around and watched TV all day :)
Sunday was Daylight Savings day and although this is never my favorite day because it throws me off for at least 2 days with the hour difference, I was a good sport and we went to the kids' old school so the kids could play basketball.

2 pts!!

Marko also made his baskets most of the time!
As did Lynette...

My nephew was not so lucky...but he had fun anyway!

The girls and I went to the play equipment for a while and we had fun taking pictures.

You need a visual for this:  I had the camera hung around my neck and it hangs to about my ribs...Well, Lynette hung on the monkey bars and couldn't get down, so I went to help her off and was going to grab her by her shoulders and my camera swung toward her and bonked her on the head!! and hard! That was so funny...  We laughed so hard that our makeup smeared!!

Then we came home, grilled some burgers outside and watched my favorite movie...

I LOVE this movie.  I could watch it every day and not get sick of it!

It was a good day--even without that extra hour...
Until bedtime, Marko had such a horrible cough..my poor baby..He ended up losing all of his dinner and his best friend last night was the porcelain throne.  I kept him home from school today because he was still feeling under the weather.  Hopefully he'll be well enough tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that last week, I was really stressed about a test I was taking for my pharmacy class and I completely ACED it!!  I only missed ONE question!!  That made my WHOLE week  :)  Well...tomorrow, I take my midterm for that class and I just hope I'm not feeling a little 'over-confident' because of last week's test.

4 days til Friday!! :)

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