The Amazing Marko!

My son Marko is pretty amazing.  Ever since he was very little, he has shown his artistic abilities in some incredible drawings.   When he was 2 1/2, he liked to watch the movie, I mean he LOOOVED to watch the movie Spirit!  Most moms with small children know that watching the SAME video all day long is quite the norm.   One day, he brought me a picture he had colored and you could clearly tell it was a horse (Spirit.)  I told him it was beautiful and asked him why the horse had like..... 50 legs and he looked at me and said in his little 2-year-old voice: "He's RUNNING!"  Wow.  It was pretty incredible that even at that age, he visualized and DREW his interpretation of the horse running.

Most days, you will find Marko drawing while watching TV, or if we're going anywhere, he usually forgets his jacket, but he ALWAYS remembers to take his sketch pad and pencils, pens and Sharpies.  Even if we're just making a quick trip to the gas station!  Thursday night, we were watching Mexican Idol (someone posted that on fb due to all of the latino contestants :)  and Marko sat at the table drawing as usual.  Here are some pics of my handsome son with his work...
 And here is a close-up of his Bob Marley drawing.  Pretty awesome work for anyone, especially a 12-year-old!
He's not done yet, he will still clean it up once he's finished...I love how he did the dreadlocks! What an amazing gift you were born with...
I am so proud of you my love!  Mom :)

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