Heart friends

Today has been an awesome day.   Marko got up on time with enough time to get ready for school and we left the house right on time.  Then, on my drive to school I talked to my heart friend Linda.  She and I had lost touch for quite a long time and I remember praying to find her and that she was doing well.  God is good and I found her almost 5 months ago...on Facebook! I had missed her so much. She hasn't changed a bit-she's the same, beautiful, strong latina whom I love dearly.  Linda is one of those special people that you can reconnect with after many years and talk as if you had talked yesterday!   Her friendship and the advice she gives me really mean a lot to me.  I met Linda many years ago when she began working at the company I was with and then a short time later, I began working with Linda at the office SHE was working for.  She was an excellent role-model (did I mention she could easily be a model??  I know you're laughing Linda, but it's true...) and I learned so very much from her.  I will always appreciate everything she taught me, which included her professional paralegal skills and she even taught me to knit!  She's amazing,  I miss her, I love her very much and may God bless her every single day.

I get to school and find out my test that I had studied and studied for is open-book, online, and that I have 24 hours to submit it!  I don't care that I over-studied.  Better to be overly-prepared than not at all...right??  I really didn't think my day could get better than that...

Then, as I'm leaving school, my OTHER  heart friend, Erin called me.  I was so happy to hear from her.  I didn't have her phone number anymore because I changed phones and her number didn't transfer.  I was bummed because she has medical issues going on and I was worried about her.   Again, God is good, and things are going really well for her and J.D. and the kids.  This makes me very happy.  I actually had lost touch with Erin for a very long time also, but we got back in touch a few years ago, and I actually got to spend about a week with her a while back.  We had so much fun, Marko, Gabriella, my mom and myself all flew into San Francisco and Erin picked us up.   Armando, Laura & Lynette joined us later (they drove!!)  Our vacation continued on to Disneyland and Vegas before we flew home and honestly, the best part of the vacation was the week with Erin and her family!
Then Erin and her family + JD's entire family came down to visit Colorado and we had a blast again.  I miss her. Erin is also one of those amazing friends that you can literally spend years apart, and once you talk, you seriously pick up right where you left off!  I love her and her family so much and always wish them the best.

Gotta go...I need to take my online, open-book test that I SO over-studied for!  :)
Hope your day is as good as mine has been so far!

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