Thank God last week is overrrrr!!!

Last week was bad because: 1. Tita (Gabriella) was sick..  She started complaining of her throat last Monday, and by Tuesday night she felt even worse!  Wednesday, I woke up feeling under the weather too and called my professor to let him know I wouldn't be in, and right about then, Tita comes downstairs and she's burning up with a fever! I called Tita's school to let them know SHE wouldn't be in either...I wondered how on earth I was going to take care of a sick child when I felt like crap.  I took some Tylenol and started feeling better by noon..Thank God!  I went to school the next day and had my mom come over to stay with her until I got home.
Back to Tita:  I took her to the dr. that day and found out she had strep...  She was prescribed a Z-pack (5-day antibiotic.)  I started her on the Z about 3pm and kept alternating between the acitaminaphen and ibuprophen and could not control her fever.  She had a constant fever from sometime Tuesday night until Friday.  My poor baby..she was so sick that she actually lost 6 lbs from her dr. appt on Wednesday until Saturday.  Laura & Julian were planning on spending Friday night with us and we had to cancel because Tita was simply not up to it.  She couldn't handle much noise and even the light bothered her.  We pretty much sat around watching TV with the volume very low and the lights off.
I was so worried about her but God is good and she got better.  It actually took her until Sunday to feel 'good.'  What a week!

And 2. I haven't had ANY TIME to knit, sew, sand/paint/reupholster a project I bought the stuff for...Grrr...  :(

Also, anyone reading this:  Please pray that Marko takes to heart the advice his dad and I have been giving him about school.
And also, please pray that Laura finds a job and soon.  She has been so stressed about seeking employment with no success..  I told her last night she will find one, and I know she will, but I completely understand her frustrations at not having found one.  Hang in there Laura....the perfect job will come along...I just know it!

Have a wonderful week!!

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