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Ok, so I have never claimed to be the best driver in the world.  I'm not the worst, of course, but certainly not the best.  I remember when I got my driver's license for the first time.  I was 16 and living in Nebraska.  I clearly remember I walked to the all-purpose building (that's what everyone called it because you did almost everything in that building) by myself to take the written test.  That was a very lucky day for me because I actually found a $50 bill on the ground at a parking lot I passed on my way!  That is a good amount now, but it went so much further back then.  I was in a GREAT mood after having found that money.  I got there, took the test and passed it, and made an appointment for the following day to take the driving test.  Once I passed both the written and the driving tests, I would have my picture taken and I would walk out with my driver's license.
The next day, I borrowed my mom's car to be able to take the driving part of the test.  I drove to the all-purpose building (I know....I drove over there withOUT a driver's license!)  and told the lady at the counter what I was there for.  One of the instructors grabbed his clipboard and told me he was ready to go with me, and out we went to my mom's car.  We got into the car and I noticed that my mom's car didn't have very much gas!  I told the instructor that we needed to stop at the gas station nearby, and would it be ok to start the test AFTER I pumped gas in the car?  He agreed, so I drive to the gas station, (nervous as heck!), being extra careful to make a complete stop, use my signal lights, etc....... and wouldn't you know it??!!  I get to the gas station, drive in and HIT one of the cement posts that surround the actual gas pump!!  My first thought was that any chance I had of getting my driver's license was shot...  The instructor looked at me and said "You just hit the post!" (not kidding!) and I said..."I know!...but you agreed that the test wouldn't start until AFTER I pumped gas...remember?"  I was only half-kidding by then!  He wrote something down on his clipboard and turned to me.  Imagine my surprise when he finally said.."O.K!"........ HA!  I quickly got out of the car to see of there was any damage to the post or the car.  The car may or may not have had a few scratches, but the post was fine.  I pumped gas, paid for it, and we left.  I passed the test (by some miracle!)  and I got my driver's license!! I was so excited!!  So....ever since then, I follow the laws regarding driving, I have my kids answer my cell phone if it rings while I'm driving, and try my best to avoid "THOSE drivers" know the ones, the ones that text while driving, road-ragers, or even worst, drunk drivers or even the ones that have an application of some kind on their steering wheel, and actually fill it out while driving 75 MPH down the interstate (I'm NOT kidding...I actually saw that a few weeks ago!) biggest pet peeve is when an ambulance or fire truck is blaring down the street as fast as they can trying to get to an emergency and people actually stay on the lane, blocking their way!!  I've NEVER understood that!  I am always the first one to pull over in an attempt to make it easier for the emergency personnel to drive through.  I'm also the first to give "those people" a dirty look.  How dare they not move out of the way!
Well this morning, Tita had to get to school early because she had choir practice, so I took her on my way to my school.  The radio was turned down low because she and I were talking and I tried to look around the pickup that was in front of me because there were a lot of cars pulled over on the side of her school.  I even said "I think there is a car wreck up ahead."  Well, the next thing I know, a REALLY loud horn blares at ME!  I got annoyed and looked in my rear-view mirror and what did I see?? AN AMBULANCE with it's lights swirling!  I promise I never saw the lights or heard their horn!  Suddenly, I'm one of "THOSE PEOPLE" and I felt horrible....JUST HORRIBLE!!  I hurried up and moved out of the ambulance's way and said a little prayer for the people the paramedics were on the way to help.
I continued to feel terrible all day long....and yes, I got the dirty looks from the people that HAD pulled over.  And I deserved them.

How long before the weekend is here??

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