Ezequiel's Dedication!

Today we went to Longmont to Baby Ezequiel's Dedication to his family's church.  Ezequiel's mom Catrina is Brenda's baby sister.  I wrote of Brenda and her mom Margie in an earlier post.  I love this family and was so happy to be able to document this special event in their lives.  I took a lot of pictures..

This is Ezequiel with his mom Catrina and dad Ricardo, along with Pastor Alfredo, his wife Monica and their daughter Allie.

Lisa and me.  Lisa is Brenda's aunt, and I actually went to High School with her.  We won't talk about what year THAT was :)

Me, Catrina, Mandy, Erica and Brenda (sitting down.)
This is all of the sisters except for Debbie.

Mandy and her hubby Rogelio.

Lisa with her daughter, son-in-law and all her grandkids.

Lisa and her daughter.

These are the prints I gifted Ezequiel.  The one on the right, I saw on a website and I made one for him with all of his stats.  I found the perfect scripture for the one on the left.  It reads: "I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted what I asked of Him..." 1 Samuel 1:27

Brenda's sister Debbie, her husband Otoniel and their son Nathaniel.

I didn't know who this little one belonged to when I found this perfect photo-op.  I found out it is Brenda's aunt's granddaughter...too cute!

Brenda, Raul and Ezequiel

Brenda and all of her siblings: Catrina, Debbie, Brenda, Mandy, Erica and Frankie

The Guest of Honor

Me and my family

My kiddos on our way home.
We had a great time...May God Bless and protect Ezequiel today and always!

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