Marko's band concert!

My son Marko played the trumpet in his school’s band this year, and I must say how proud I am of him!  I was in band for years, so watching my son play an instrument in a band is pretty special.
When school began in August 2010, Marko's band teacher, Mr. Reed, had his work cut out for him...I remember Marko’s very 1st band concert.  It was at end of September, so the kids had only been in band for approximately 1 month:  Family and friends filled the seats, the curtains opened up slowly, and the room grew quiet.  We were all waiting anxiously for the concert to begin.  Mr. Reed appeared, introduced himself and said that the kids had been working very hard and that they were ready to show us what they had learned.  Mr. Reed raised his baton and they played…..…the scale….forward and backward.   That was it! The concert was over.  The kids had learned the scale.  It was the most adorable concert I had ever attended…and the kids were SO proud of themselves and I could just see the incredible pride in my fellow parents’ eyes.  I may or may not have gotten a tear in my eye…OK…I admit it..I did.  I choked up.  I mean, come on...this was my baby playing in his first band concert!  It was so amazing.  Mr. Reed scheduled his band’s 1st concert a month into the school year because he wanted us to see the amazing difference from then and now.
Mr. Reed has done an incredible job with these kids.  They have learned so very much.  I have posted some pictures of their performance:

Awww...look at my Marko!

Oh, and it appears that Marko and two other kids did not receive the memo regarding the required white shirt… /:
This is us after the concert..

And this is Gabriella and Peditos getting ready for bed.  Peditos jumped right into the shower while Tita was in there!  He really is one of the kids….except he’s covered in fur..
I am blessed..Oh and I forgot to mention that we have been getting some really warm weather!!!  Hopefully, I will be able to FINALLY put our winter clothes A-W-A-Y.....fingers crossed!

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