My family!

When I met and fell in love with Armando,  we fell crazy, out-of-this-world, knock-your-socks-off in love.  This wasn't young puppy love...this was the real thing.  Although I had been married before, I can honestly say that I never loved like this before.  It was larger than life.  For those of you that know me (you may notice that I say this alot :) .......I had a very difficult time in my 'young' adult life and was told by various doctors that I would never have children.  I had accepted that fact and although I prayed for biological childen,  it just wasn't in the cards for me..or so I thought, but..... God had other plans for me. and boy were the doctors wrong!  I married Armando and suddenly had 3 children!  Our family was then blessed with not one, but TWO amazing, biological children. You hear of people with children marrying and 'becoming' a family...our family didn't happen then.  Our family was formed well before we were married. When I fell in love with Armando, I fell in love with his children as well.    They were and are awesome kids.  The 3 oldest kids have lived with us for extended periods of time and we've made some great memories and traditions.  We've been blessed in that we have had very very few normal teenage issues.  I can honestly say that the 3 oldest have never disrespected me, and for that I am very grateful.  I have to admit that when I first became a step-mom, I of course, had very little experience with children and I know I wasn't perfect, but just know that I always had your best interest at heart.  I couldn't have asked for better kids to have been entrusted with.  The 3 oldest have their mother that they love and I never want to take her place.  I am their step-mother and I wouldn't trade these years with them for anything in the world.  The 5 kids all got the Silva sense of humor and love each other very much.  They're good, healthy, smart, talented..what more could I ask for?  I love all five of you.  God bless and protect all of my kids always..

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