Dream house...

Everyone I think at one point or another dreams of the house they would love to own.  I think even people that just recently buy a home still dream of that brighter bathroom, or that larger closet, etc.  I am really not that picky.  The only requirements I would have for it to fall into the 'dream house' category would be:

1.  It would have to have a large kitchen.  I even would like love it to have industrial appliances with a farmhouse sink.  I absolutely love restaurant-style stoves & refrigerators...all stainless steel of course.  I love to cook-- and for some reason, never learned to cook small portions.  If you didn't know me and saw the huge meals I cook, most would think I was raised in a household with 25 kids or something.  I wasn't.
2.  It would have to have a humongo laundry room.  My laundry room is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  Not sure why, it just is.
3.  It must have a family room..or 'great room' as it's now called in the newer homes.  I have never liked having a TV in the living room with bodies all over the couches all the time and eating food in the living room...yucky!  That's what family rooms are for.  We LIVE in our family room.  I bought the kids a small table that I found on Cragislist that is set up in there so they can sit down to eat or do homework on.  I can probably count on one hand the times we've actually used the dining table to eat a meal since I bought that table.
4.  And finally, it would definately have to have a workshop in the back yard.  I can keep all of my arts & crafts supplies and projects in there all nice and organized without cluttering the house with it....I really don't care if the workshop/shed is fancy or not..although fancy would be nice.  I'd be happy with a decent sized one.

I have always wanted a workshop.  I remember a house I lived in many years ago (even before I had my babies) that had a huge basement.  The basement was where I spent countless hours working on different  projects.  I loved it.  I usually have a few projects going on at the same time.  At this moment, I have:

5 knitting projects started that I must finish soon;
2 chairs in my garage that have been tore apart so that I can reupholster and actually put INTO my house;
2 dressers that I am going to sand down and repaint;
1 mirror to stencil and hang;  AND...
I currently search on craigslist every chance I get because I am waiting for the perfect entertainment center to be posted so that I can start on another project I would love to do for my laundry room; plus:
Many other projects I dream of doing but just haven't found the time because I have had such a heavy load with school.......until today.  Today I FINALLY got to work on a project I've been itching to do--I made a book wreath.  I found the instructions online.  My baby Gabriella actually helped on the project and she loved it.  I was loving that fact because I have such a passion for arts & crafts, and SHE has developed a love for it too, so that is another special thing that we share.  I am so excited to be able to teach her things I know how to do, such as sew and knit; and learn new things together as well.
I have tons of books, but they are in storage, so she and I went to the local ARC to look for a book to use for the wreath.  She chose a very old dictionary and it was perfect.  We decided to use seashells my mom gave me for the accent in the center.

Here is Gabriella with our finished project:

 We decided to hang it in the upstairs hallway above a dresser.  I love it there!

 I have a large round vase filled with sand, seashells and candles that I will put on the dresser
for the finishing touch.

Thank you Tita!  It turned out perfect because you helped baby.  I love you....

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