God works in mysterious ways!

I had a major panic attack last night when I realized mine AND my kids' social security cards were missing.  I was actually getting ready for bed when I saw the large, clear, hard-plastic envelope I keep important stuff like the SS cards, birth certificates, immunizations, etc., on the desk.  Since the envelope is clear, they were always visible because the envelope has a small 'pocket' inside that I kept them in.   Just a quick glance sent me into a frenzy looking for the missing cards.  I had my identity stolen a few years back and it was an absolute nightmare trying to get that straightened out!  THAT also deserves it's own post.  You will never believe who it was.................Sooo, I was really super worried about the fact that the cards might have been dropped at an appointment I had earlier in the day.   I tore apart the filing cabinet and looked EVERYWHERE in every single room for the cards, with no luck.  It really irked me that I really needed to go to sleep because I had a final exam at school today and I needed my rest!  But if the cards were in my house, I was going to find them.  I remembered I switched purses about a month ago and thought that maybe...just maybe, they were in the purse I used last month.  I got the purse from my closet and looked in all of the pockets, but they were'nt there; however, I was pleasantly surprised to find something I had lost a while back...Now, it wasn't a WHOLE LOT of something, but it was a very nice surprise.  I thanked God and asked Him to please guide me in the right direction to locate the lost cards because I REALLY needed to get to sleep because I was going to totally bomb my test today if I didn't get any sleep...it was probably 1:30 am by now, and I get up at 5 am to get ready and get my kids and myself off to school.  10 minutes later, with a very heavy heart, I gave up and decided to just go to bed.  I opened my drawer in my bedroom to get a pair of socks before I went to bed and what is sitting right in the drawer?? The SS cards!!  I had gotten into that drawer at least 3 times that day and I promise the cards were NOT there.  I KNOW it was divine intervention.  I slept like a baby!  :)

P.S.  Today was the kids' godmother's birthday.  Happy Birthday Comadre Diana!  We love you very much, hope all of your birthday wishes came true, and may God Bless you always!

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