The RWW Club

Well,  Armando became an official member of the RWW Club last night!!  In case you're wondering, that would be the "Royal Wedding Widower's Club."  I suspect that most husbands or boyfriends all over the world joined that club today.........whether by choice or obligation, it doesn't matter much how that came about...they just joined the club because their significant other was glued to the television to watch a real-life Cinderella story.  (:
I wrote in a previous post that I wanted to make Tita a tiara so she could wear it while watching the wedding.  I didn't buy any materials, Armando and I just gathered what we could find in the garage.and this what we came up with:
**Disclaimer:  Armando and I did NOT drink the Smirnoff bottle in the picture. (:

Armando and I used soldering wire (is that what it's called?!), wire cutters, fingernail clippers, fishing line (is that what THAT's called?!), the cap off of the Smirnoff bottle for the "ruby" and a St. Patrick's day necklace bead for the "emerald."  We worked our magic, said Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo in unison and came up with this:
Notice the huge "ruby" at the tip of the tiara?  Hence, the Smirnoff bottle...  (Yeah Hence, kids!)  I thought about scratching the Smirnoff name off of the "ruby," but just decided to leave it on.   It fit and Tita was happy.  That's what counts.
 Her Royal Highness, Princess Gabriella:

 Word of caution:  Not a good idea to watch the Nuggets game while using wire cutters!  (Don't ask Armando how he knows that.  He just does!)
 The wedding was too looong for her!

Now, with the wedding frenzy over, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge officially married and on their way to their honeymoon, the RWW Club suddenly lost all of it's members....unless, of course, obsessed true die-hard fans of William and Kate are still glued to the television watching the wedding.
I must say that Prince William looked very handsome in his uniform and the new Duchess is truly beautiful, so classy, and they both seem to be so down-to-earth.  Kate's wedding gown was absolutely gorgeous!

I wish them both a lifetime of happiness.

Now, anyone that has watched Cinderella can tell you that the story would not be complete without Anastasia and Druzilla (the mean stepsisters)...right?

This would be Prince William's cousins Eugenie and Beatrice... Seriously?!  WHAT-WERE-THEY-THINKING???!!!  And am I the only one that instantly thought of  Anastasia and Druzilla?  Because that would make me feel terrible!!

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  May they live Happily Ever After!


Mmmmmm Noodles!!

Laura brought little Julian over yesterday to visit.  We had just gotten home from the hospital after Marko's surgery, and of course, Marko was STARVING and wanted some noodles.  He was supposed to be on a clear liquid diet....AS IF!  Tita and Julian also wanted some and I just HAD to run to get my camera when Julian started eating!

We love having Laura and Julian visit of course, but PeditosL-O-O-O-V-E-S when Julian comes to visit because he knows that Julian always shares..   (:

He sure makes those noodles look YUMMY!!

 Ok..he's had enough!

Peditos loves to help Laura clean Julian up!
 Look at the noodle stuck on the backside of his jeans!!

Laura is truly blessed with her little guy. I really miss my children being that magical age that Julian is at now, where they begin exploring and demanding their independence, but still look for mama to cuddle with at the end of the day  (: 


My little Gremlin (:

Well Marko had his surgery this morning and he's home now.  Thank you Jesus.  You are so wonderful!  I pray he has a speedy recovery. 
I got a phone call from someone from the hospital yesterday afternoon and right out of a scene from the Gremlins movie, I was instructed to not let Marko eat or drink A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G after midnight last night   (:   So what did I do?  I purposely let him stay up til then so he could drink or eat to his heart's content before going to bed.  I knew it was going to be a looong day for him with nothing in his tummy.  And I was right...he was absolutely STARVING right before they took him in for the surgery.

This is bright and early at the hospital even before registration.
 Marko getting prepped for the surgery.
(IV time.)  The IV was originally going to be started on the inside of his elbow and he was poked and prodded, but it didn't work.  I was not too happy about this!!
 My poor Marko.  He was so brave.  Those IVs HURT and he didn't complain.  What a trooper!
 Plan B.  Take it out and restart it somewhere else...   :(

My sweet, handsome little man..
 THIS time it worked.  Thank God!
 Now to take THIS pic, I actually had to sneak my phone :)
 Watching TV...  of course!
Gabriella begged me to let her stay home from school.  And Lynette begged Armando too.  Laura was at work, but she of course called to see how her little brother was doing, and big brother Ivan showed up too. They love Marko and wanted to give their support :)   My mom and my brother Danny showed up at the hospital and were told that only Armando and I were allowed back with him.
 Funny girl.  She wanted to know when Marko's tray of food would arrive so she could have it!!  Ay Tita!
 I love my little boy.  (Even though he's 5'6" and TWO whole inches taller than me, he is and will always be my baby.)
 Off to the operating room.
 So I sat with Armando, Lynette and Tita in the waiting room and prayed that God would guide Dr. Gupta's hands while he worked on my son.  Dr. Gupta is absolutely wonderful and everything went just as planned.  God willing, this will be the last time he will need any type of surgery.
Here he is with his daddy :)
The other kids were bummed that they were not allowed back to see Marko.  I'm not sure why, they just weren't.  They were probably told this by the same nurse that told my mom and Danny that they weren't allowed back there either.. 

Finally, on the way out of the hospital!
After I got Marko home, the first thing he wanted was FOOD.  He's only allowed clear fluids until tomorrow morning.  Now my son is definately a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  He was not too happy about this!

This was the last picture we took at the hospital while waiting for the valet to bring our car to the front.  I love this pic, but I would love it more if Laura and Julian were in it :)  We stick together as a family.  Especially if any of us are ill...that's how we roll.  That's life Silva style!   :)

P.S.  If anyone happens to read this post, please pray for Marko's speedy recovery.  It breaks my heart to see any of our kids in pain.

God bless!

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