Happily Ever Afters..

I remember all the while I was growing up, my all-time favorite Disney princess was the only real Disney princess, in my opinion, and that would be none other than this one:


 Cinderella, of course.  You know the classic story of the beautiful and kind orphan girl that was treated so horribly by her stepmother and stepsisters that ended up with the happily-ever-after life with her prince.  Cinderella is still my absolute favorite Disney movie.
Well princesses and fairy tales still exist even in our day and age.  I remember being 15 and staying up all night with two of my best friends waiting for the wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles.

 The moment that she exited from that coach and her incredible wedding gown just literally spilling out was awesome.  I had never, ever seen such an incredible wedding gown, or a wedding of that magnitude.  She entered St. Paul's Cathedral as Lady Diana and when she came out, she was a real-life princess, and the whole world instantly loved her.  Unfortunately, she never got her happily ever after because her "prince" turned out to be more of a "frog."  And an ugly one at that!  Papparazzi never left her alone and ultimately, they were even the cause of her death.
Fast forward 30 years and now her oldest son Prince William will be married this week and England will have a brand-new princess.  Only this time, Kate Middleton is a "commoner," which makes it more of a fairytale.

And, this time Tita has joined the I-wonder-what-the-wedding-dress-will-look-like bandwagon! She is so excited for the wedding of THIS century!  She is definately my mini-me.  I will really enjoy watching Tita's amazement and wonder while she watches Kate become Prince William's wife and the newest real-life princess.    I am going to make Tita a tiara to wear while she watches the wedding on TV, because my baby is my real-life princess.  Any ideas on how to make her some glass slippers?? (:


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