On my way to school this morning I was annoyed that I had to stop at the gas station AGAIN and hand over TONS of money for some gas.  I guess things could be worst... I remember when I used to drive a suburban last I seriously thank God we sold that gas hog!  I think the Chevrolet people purposely put a fake gas tank on those suburbans.  I think that as you're pumping gas into them, the gas just simply pours right out the bottom!  So, ok, I'll stop complaining about gas prices and the inconvenience of driving such a little car now, and what I was getting at was that on my way out the door of the gas station after paying for my gas, I saw the Help Wanted sign.  I planned on going back to the same gas station to ask for the application on my way home from school.
Anyway, I get to school about 10 minutes early and I took my Medical Asepsis final today.  It was TOTALLY a piece of cake! (Totally??!! I know...blame it on growing up in the 80's!)  I SOOO overstudied for it...not kidding!  I was in and out of school in about 40 minutes.  I couldn't write fast enough because I seriously knew all of the answers! Yay!  I just hope Mr. Eminem can read my answers because I wrote so fast.  My instructor really isn't the Eminem, his initials are just M and M :)
So I head on back to the gas station for the application, fill it out and guess what?! I have an interview next week!  I am so excited.  I have had many many jobs in my life..some were fantastic, some weren't AS fantastic and still others were not fantastic at all, but they were jobs and I always gave 150% at all those jobs.  My job experiences are seriously worthy of their own post.  I kind of touched on that on an earlier post, but I really need to expand on it on a real post someday.

So to make a loong story short, my day has been wonderful.  PLUS, when I was almost home, my absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt, favorite song in the whole wide world came on the radio!  I may or may not have cranked the volume ALL the way up and sang my heart out to it and didn't care WHO saw me..  It is called Honey Bee by Mr. Blake Shelton.

It made my day a whole lot brighter!

Can today seriously get any better??!!

I thought I would end today's post with a few pictures I just had to snap last night as my kiddos were praying before going to bed.  I was on the family room couch cramming for today's final when they were getting ready for bed, so the kids came to me and asked if we could pray there rather than in their beds.

I love my kiddos so very much. May God bless them ALWAYS!

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