Bologna & swimsuits (:

Yesterday I went into Tita's bedroom to close her blinds before I went to pick up the kids from school.  I didn't realize peditos was in the room until I heard a noise under the bed.  This is what I found:
He was down there with a few things he got from the trash can he knocked over in the kitchen! 

Notice the bologna AND the cooked ham package??!!

This is the bologna packaging!  Armando HATES bologna, but this goes back to me growing up eating bologna all the time because it is and was so very inexpensive, and now my kids have grown up eating it too :)
Now I know why I always rinse out EVERYTHING before I put it in the trashcan!
Can you imagine the M-E-S-S I would have had on the carpet had I NOT rinsed??!!

Then last night was Tita's school's yearly swimming party.  It was a looong party (6:30-9 pm)  It was held at the local indoor pool and Tita could NOT WAIT for last night to get here.  She met up with some of her friends and had a W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L time!   I also had a good time hanging out with a few of the moms.  I took a ton of's just a few of them:

This is Ashley, Tita and Kaiya.

Kaiya & Tita with the basketball

They had a REALLY fun time!

Kaiya, Ashley, Tita and Baily

Tita giving Ashley a piggy-back ride

It was a very fun night for the girls and I was really glad my baby was able to go.  Since this is her last year at her elementary school (she's in 5th grade), she just HAD to go because she had never been able to attend this yearly tradition!  All the previous years she either had strep throat, an ear infection or the flu during the swimming party.  I thanked God that she was happy and HEALTHY for this year's party.  She would have been absolutely heartbroken had she not been able to attend.

Hope you have a happy and safe weekend!


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