"Rosi Moments"

The other day Armando and I were talking about the dreaded "Most Embarrassing Moments" in our lives.  You know the ones that make you want to literally crawl under a rock because it was so darned embarrassing and you feel like a total idiot?!  Well believe it or not, I have had a few of these moments.  A HUGE embarrassing moment happened to my family.  I remember I was 7 years old.  I travelled to Texas from Colorado with my mom, 2 aunts (Yolanda and Sylvia), my uncle Pete and my grandparents (Ama and Apa.)  My aunts and uncle were just kids too because they are only like 3, 4, and 5 years older than me.  We all piled into my grandparent's station wagon and drove all night long.  I loved those long car trips!  We made a huge "bed" in the back of the station wagon and all of us kids slept/ate/played in the "bed."  We had a really good time and we all couldn't wait to get to my Aunt Connie and Uncle Daniel's house in Texas.  My Aunt Connie is my mom's sister and Uncle Daniel is my mom's brother-in-law.  We got to Lubbock, Texas the next morning about 8 am and discovered that my Aunt Connie and Uncle Daniel weren't home!  We sat in the station wagon for about an hour waiting for them and they weren't there yet.  Now this was before cell phones, so we didn't have a way to call her to see where she was.   We may or may not have climbed in through an unlocked window...
An hour later, Ama and my mom had made breakfast for everyone while us kids showered one at a time.  We layed down on the couch to watch TV and couldn't figure out why my aunt and uncle hadn't come home yet.  All the adults took turns taking showers and I remember I got up off of the couch and was looking at the pictures in the living room and I really didn't know ANYONE in the pictures and couldn't figure out why there were no pictures of Aunt Connie and her family.  I finally asked my mom who these ugly people in the pictures were!  She walked over to me and she said that she also didn't know any of the people.  She said, and I will never forget it: "That's probably Daniel's family!" Can you believe it??!!  Ama came over and since she had known my Uncle Daniel's family forever, I thought for sure she would be able to identify at least SOME of the pictures.  She couldn't!  Finally, Ama got her little address book from her purse and called phone numbers for my Aunt Connie, and she ANSWERED the phone!!  My Aunt Connie had MOVED to another house across town...which meant we totally "broke into" some strangers' house and for about 4 hours, we ate, showered, slept, etc.!  Can you imagine coming home and finding strangers in your home??!!  We hurried up and got out of there before the "real" occupants of the home came back!!  I wonder what they thought when they really did come home!  We felt bad, but it really was an innocent mistake..

Another BIG embarrassing moment for me was about 9 years ago.  Armando and I had taken all 5 kids to Puerto Penasco, Mexico for vacation.  We get to the hotel, check in and get to our suite.  It was really nice because it had 3 bedrooms and a kitchen/dining room with sliding-glass doors, living room and 2 bathrooms.  The cleaning ladies were just leaving as we got to the suite and they must have done an excellent job because we walked in and the first thing we all did was go to the sliding glass doors and I said "Look at the Oc...." and CRASHED into the glass doors and fell to the floor!  I'm not kidding when I say that I really thought they were open!   I was going to say "Look at the ocean!" but only got half of the sentence out before I crashed my face into the glass.  Boy was I embarrassed!!  Armando, the kids AND the cleaning ladies were all trying their hardest not to laugh.  I can laugh about it now but my ego sure was bruised at the time.  This reminds me of that day:

Yep, that was me :) Anyone care to share THEIR "Rosi" moment?? Come on.....I'd love to hear them!

Have an awesome weekend!

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