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A couple days ago I needed to buy a few supplies for a craft project I'm working on (hopefully I'll have it finished by the weekend and I will post pics of it.)  Well on our way home, we passed by Borders (the book store.)   Tita being the bookworm that she is asked pleaded,.......ok, she downright  BEGGED for us to stop there so she could buy a book.  The store is going out of business and they are having some awesome sales. Everything in the building is 80-90% off, but of course, this had absolutely NOTHING to do with us deciding to go! :)

This is the store's last couple of days and I didn't expect to find anything because I thought all the good books HAD TO have been bought already.  I must say how thrilled I was because they still had an awesome selection available!

I chose these:




I bought this book for Marko:

And Tita bought these (can you believe she's almost finished reading Cindy Ella already?!)  :


Armando also bought a book but I couldn't find it to post a picture of it.  We got all of those books for $28.02.  Had we paid full price we would have spent $105.00.  We saved $77!  I had saved the receipt to include it in this post so you could see the incredible savings, but since yesterday was trash pick-up day I think my receipt is gone forever..You'll just have to take my word for it. :)

I started one of my books already and I'll let you know what I thought of it as soon as I'm finished.  With only ONE birthday this weekend, maybe I'll have time to relax and read one of my new books!

Ok, this is totally off the subject but I had to include this (that's why I changed the post title to randomness...)  During one of our breaks at school on Monday me and a few other ladies were outside talking when someone pointed to one of the cars.

This is what we found:

These geese decided to just hang out on Leah's car!  Too funny!  I'm pretty sure they left her many souvenirs from their visit on top of her car though..Yucky!

My last randomnacious thought is one of my friends' status on Facebook that made me smile...  It reads like this:
"There was a piece of cake on a plate in my fridge with a note attached that said "DON'T EAT ME!!"   BUT NOW there's an empty plate in my fridge with a different note that says "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!" HA!

Hope your Wednesday has been WONDERFUL!!

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