God is always with me..

So this is how my day has gone so far:

My alarm probably went off at the time I set it last night (6:00 am)...I wouldn't know for sure because the first time I heard it was at 7:08!  Ok, first of all, I know that I slept through it for a little over an hour, but my whole family too??!! GA!
So I'm racing around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to get ready for school.  My kids are on Spring break this week  plus-it's Armando's day off today...so they had no reason to get up early.  And they didn't. So I'm racing around the house at about 7:25 and wondering how on earth am I going to be ready on time??!!
I only had time to put some eyeliner on and was almost finished straightening my unruly, crazy-mind-of-its-own, wavy mop of hair when my wonderful husband calls me downstairs to eat breakfast!  He so thoughtfully made me eggs, bacon and refried beans with tortillas!    It was delicious!  This was such a nice gesture because when we went to church on Ash Wednesday, he decided to give up breakfast for lent.  He absolutely does not eat anything until after 12 noon.  So he made my breakfast and went back to bed!  I so appreciated it...thank you Babe!  I ate my breakfast and raced out the door.  I had planned on getting to school early today, like at 8:00 to do some last minute studying for my midterm, and that obviously wasn't going to happen because even if all 50 stop lights I got to were green, the earliest I would get to school would be at 8:30.
I left my house at 7:55, prayed my normal prayers like I do every day, and was making good time, until I get about 3 miles from the interstate.  It's about 8:10 by now and traffic comes to a complete STOP!  So I wait....... And wait....... And wait some more.  I couldn't see what the hold up was, but I knew it was something BIG because we were at a stop for  f-i-f-t-e-e-n  minutes!  And to top it off, I was literally in a dead zone because I couldn't get a signal on my cell phone to call my instructor to let her know I would be late!  Traffic starts at a slow crawl at 8:25 and I finally realized that we were stopped because there had been a 6-car pile up just up ahead!  That's right! 6 cars crashing into each other!  I said a little prayer for all the people involved in that and also thanking God that I wasn't one of the cars involved.
I finally got onto the interstate and sure enough, I now had cell phone service.  I called my school to let them know why I would be late.  When I finally got to school, the class had just finished up an extra credit quiz and were getting ready for the midterm.  I was bummed that I missed that quiz, but, as my friend Taya told me recently: I'm a "glass half-full" kind of person and so my thinking was this:
If the worst thing that happens today is I don't do too well on my midterm, I'm doing well.  Honestly, if that is my worst problem today, that's ok.  I was so fortunate to not have been involved in that terrible car accident this morning and I pray that no one was injured.  God is so good to me and never leaves my side.

You know, yesterday, my classmate Angelica gave me this:

It's a Dove Almond Dark Chocolate candy.  Except that when she gave it to me the candy was nicely wrapped inside :)  It was soo good by the way!

Well, as she handed it to me she said to read the message inside because they come true.  This is what my message inside said:

It's not the best picture, but it says this:
"You are exactly where you are supposed to be.    Love, Dove"

Now I know why I didn't hear the alarm!  I was supposed to sleep in so that when I did leave late for school, I wouldn't be in harm's way.  I was supposed to be about 35 cars behind the cars that crashed.

Now do you believe?

Have a beautiful and safe day.  God bless!

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