Happy Easter!

This last week just got better and better each and every day and I really have so much to be thankful for.  To start off, last week was finals week and I must say, that I stressed so much...over nothing.  I mentioned in an earlier post of one of my finals being so easy.  Well, let me rephrase that..the entire class was very challenging, so it wasn't easy, but I had an excellent instructor and I studied adequately enough that I got 102.15% on my final for my Asepsis class!  My other class was definately more of a challenge for me.  It was a microbiology class and I had an A- throughout the entire class until I took my final.  I didn't do as well on that final and ended up with a B in the class.  I'm very happy with that B.  (:

Then today of course was Easter.  We didn't wake up as early as I had hoped...and if you haven't figured it out by now, we are absolutely NOT morning people!  Never were and probably never will be.  I knew the schedule for Easter mass at our church was at 7 am (HA!), 8:30 (WHATEVER!), 10am (AS IF!) and 11:30 (DOable!).     So we woke up about 10 am, got ready and headed off to church across town.  As you probably would guess, since it was Easter, you need to be at the church by 11am to be able to squeeze into any of the pews.  Well, we headed out the door at 11:15.  I knew we were going to end up having to sit in the basement and watch mass on a television screen set up down there....I was not happy about that at all.  We walk into the church at 11:28 and were ready to head on down to the basement when we were ushered to the very front!  We sat in the 2nd pew!  God was saving us a spot!  The alter was decorated so beautifully and the service was amazing.  That was definately the highlight of our day.  We stopped by my mom's to wish her and my brother Danny a Happy Easter and visited with them for a while.  My mom had an Easter basket waiting for Marko and Tita and they were filled with lots of yummy treats, and I may or may not have sneaked a handful of chocolates for myself (:   Thank you Mom!
We weren't planning on doing much today other than going to church since the kids are "too old" for Easter egg hunting and it was cold and rainy all afternoon, so we knew we couldn't hide eggs for Julian outside.  So we just came home and had a nice relaxing day.
Laura, Julian, Lynette and Ivan came over in the afternoon and we decided to have tacos and rice for dinner.  It was delicious!  Laura and Tita had a good time making egg-shaped marshmallow treats and they were so yummy!
Now remember I mentioned that it was cold and rainy and we couldn't hide eggs outside for Julian? Well we weren't going to let a little rain stop us....We improvised.... (:

 Tita tried holding Julian's face for the picture...
 So he decided to hold it HIMSELF for the next one!
Tita with her Easter Hello Kitty!

I hope we have better weather for Easter next year, but I can't complain.  We are truly blessed! 


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