Me + Sweet Tea = (:

Lent is the period of 40 days of repentanance or self-denial, which lasts from Ash Wednesday through Easter.  This represents the 40 days of Jesus fasting in the desert.  Well my family and I join in the tradition of sacrificing something every year, and this year I decided to give up something HUGE (well, to me it's huge!)  I gave up drinking SWEET TEA during Lent!   If you knew me, (and I hate to admit this..) you would know that my body's only way of receiving fluids was through sweet tea....I'm NOT kidding!  I seriously think sweet tea is flowing through my veins and I honestly believe my baby bottles contained sweet tea rather than milk!  My mom is equally addicted to sweet tea, so I'm sure I was even having it while I was in my mother's womb!  I was born in Texas afterall.  Everyone drinks it in Texas...and the sweeter, the better!  That being said, you can imagine the sacrifice, self-torture and actual withdrawal symptoms I experienced during Lent, with having to drink milk, kool-aid, sodas and even W-A-T-E-R!    Giving up my always-within-reach all-time-favorite drink was a struggle but I did it!  I don't know where the willpower came from, but...I did it.  But N-O-W...Lent is officially over.  That means that I am blissfully reunited with my beloved tea! I technically could have had a glass of it Saturday after midnight, but I decided to wait until after Easter mass.  If I had given in at midnight Saturday, it would be like running a very long marathon and quitting a block before the finish line!  I actually made a pitcher on Saturday and then went to bed.

So when we came home yesterday after Easter mass, I finally got to have this:

As Dora would say: "Mmmmm Delicioso!" (:


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