Hair today..Gone tomorrow....

So Tita has been bugging me mercilessly for a few months now to let her cut her hair.  I always told her no and it usually resulted in her sulking for the whole day.  I dreaded mentioning anything about anyone's hair because it would magically "remind" her that she just HAD to have a haircut.  I know that it kind of makes me sound a little hipocritical that I always told her no when she'd ask for a haircut since my hair is short...But my hair was very long growing up.   I didn't cut it until after Marko was born.  Yes...I had a baby and suddenly had a "mom" haircut... I know that's a lame excuse, but it's the only one I have...  I just love her long hair and she kept it long because I'm her mom and I said so! :)

Well a couple days ago, I'm driving, Marko is in the front passenger seat and Tita is in the back seat with Peditos.  The radio was on and I asked Marko to lean closer to me so I could talk to him.   I quietly mentioned to Marko that I would be taking him to get his hair cut this week.  Well, Tita's radar picked up the "H" word..She sits straight up and asked me to turn the radio down.

Yes, she pleaded...........

and I gave in.

This is the before picture..

This is the AFTER picture of the mat on the floor..

Ta Da!!  This is my beautiful girl with all of her hair cut off!!

I have to admit that while I LOVED her long hair, it's just hair and it'll grow back.
BTW... I LOVE her short hair too.  My favorite thing about her new haircut?  The fact that with summer right around the corner, she can STILL put it up in a ponytail!  We got the best of both worlds...  <3

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