Mmmmmm Noodles!!

Laura brought little Julian over yesterday to visit.  We had just gotten home from the hospital after Marko's surgery, and of course, Marko was STARVING and wanted some noodles.  He was supposed to be on a clear liquid diet....AS IF!  Tita and Julian also wanted some and I just HAD to run to get my camera when Julian started eating!

We love having Laura and Julian visit of course, but PeditosL-O-O-O-V-E-S when Julian comes to visit because he knows that Julian always shares..   (:

He sure makes those noodles look YUMMY!!

 Ok..he's had enough!

Peditos loves to help Laura clean Julian up!
 Look at the noodle stuck on the backside of his jeans!!

Laura is truly blessed with her little guy. I really miss my children being that magical age that Julian is at now, where they begin exploring and demanding their independence, but still look for mama to cuddle with at the end of the day  (: 


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