Fun day!

Well today I finally put the new batteries in my camera...I'd been carrying the pack of new batteries around in my purse for a week!  And of course... I found the perfect opportunities to use the camera!

Do you agree with me that this is the LARGEST sock monkey EVER??!!  Tita has always wanted one....I think I will make her one in the next couple of weeks...but it probably won't be quite as big!

 This is actually a cardboard cutout at our local KIA dealership.  (:

 Then me and Tita went to visit our besties...Lori and Claire! 
  Marko and Eli being goofy..

 Boys will be boys!

 Then the girls joined in





 And yes, Lori....I posted this pic! (:   Nevermind...I took it off..HA!  We'll have to take pics after we put some make up on...ok?

And this is totally random...but I wanted to show you what Marko does everytime we go to a store....if I can GET him to the store!  I almost had to threaten him when I stopped at the store on the way home! 

We had a really fun day...Thanks Lori & Claire (:

Can you believe it's June tomorrow?  Laura wanted to know where May went and I told her that I think it got washed away by all of the rain we got last month!  What do you think?  Did the month of May just flash by for you too?
Have a great week!



The other day I took Marko to get his weekly shot at the allergy doctor's office.  After he gets his shot, we have to wait in the waiting room for 30 minutes to make sure Marko does ok with the shot and doesn't have a bad reaction to it.   They actually inject him with WHAT HE'S ALLERGIC TO!  Is that crazy?!  Anyway, as I was waiting, I was reading one of the magazines and ran across an article on George Michael and I about fell out of my chair!  Ok well you know how I've talked a time or two about growing up in the 80's and how the music from the 80's is ingrained into my brain?  Well some songs just mean more than others, and one of his songs is ONE of those songs!  You know how hearing a certain song maybe takes you back to a first date when you were 17...or maybe it reminds you of cruisin' the Butte with your friends (The "Main" street in our town was called Box all the kids "cruised the Butte" every weekend)....or maybe it takes you back to that night you and your friends sneaked into your friend's sister's house to get the keys to her pickup so you could "borrow" it...and while climbing in through the window, your foot landed in the toilet..and all night long, every time you stepped on your left foot, it squished really loud! And your pant leg was soaking wet up to your knee? HA!  THAT is certainly a memory I will never forget (:  Anyway, as I was saying, some songs just stick in your brain and you never forget it.  One song that brings back memories...or A memory, I should George Michael's "Faith."
I was IN LOVE with George Michael.  Even back from his dorkier Wham! days......until I found out he was gay....
Anyway, I L-O-V-E-D this song from the first time I heard it.  I was living in Nebraska at the time and a couple years later, I moved to where I now live, and was working at a computer software distribution center.  My boss asked me for a ride home one day, and I took her.  Just as I was leaving her house, "Faith" came on the radio, so what did I do?  I turned it ALL THE WAY UP!  I hadn't heard Faith in a very long time.....But I was so busy turning the radio up that I didn't realize that the traffic light I was getting to had turned yes........I crashed.  And not just a little fender-bender.  It was a CRASH!  My truck was totalled and the other car was in pretty bad shape too.  Thank God that the other driver was ok!  He had just bought like 8 snowcones and was on his way home, I'm assuming, when we crashed.  I felt HORRIBLE!  He had 8 different flavors of snowcones all over his car and all over him.  I was ticketed, and I deserved it.  So for the following 6 weeks, I called him at least 4 times every single day so I could start paying him his damages.  I wanted to have it all paid off by the time I went to court.  But I must have left him 5,000 messages with a live person, and he NEVER called me back!  I cried every night because of what happened.  I felt really horrible....especially because I wasn't able to pay him back for his damages.  It was something I really wanted to do.  I'll never understand why he wouldn't return my calls.  But he didn't.  So...when I went to court, the judge asked me why I didn't stop at the light and I told him the truth.  He then asked me if I had paid the damages to the other driver and I told him of my daily phone calls to him and that he never would call me back.  So the judge said that since I had tried so many times, the other driver must not be interested in me paying him his damages, so he said I didn't have to pay anything anymore!  Just like that, my case was done!  I was fined $74.00 and was free to go!
So you see...."Faith" will always mean something to me.  Something bad, but still...
Here is the video: have to admit that George Michael was really stinkin' HOT!  (It's ok...Armando knows)  (:
I REALLY want one of those juke boxes by the way...went went hink hink ;)
So are there any songs that hold that special memory?  Good or bad?...


Graduations part II (:

The month of May is almost over, and that means one thing: GRADUATION!
I actually have 2 cousins that are in the class of 2011.  They aren't in the same school...or even the same state; they actually don't even know each other...but they are both my cousins and I love them both (:

My family and I had planned on going to Texas this week for Evette's graduation, but with moving tons of stuff for DAYS, we are just too sore and tired to be able to make the 12 hour drive, party like Rock Stars and drive 12 hours back home so I can go to school on Tuesday. 

This beautiful girl is Evette and she is graduating today with honors (of course..)  She never ceases to amaze me with her accomplishments.

Evette, I really wanted to be there to see you in your cap and gown...I will definitely be there in spirit.  I wish you all the best as you get ready to start college in the fall.  I know you will succeed at any career you put your mind to.  You are beautiful inside and out, you are so smart and you have such an awesome personality.  You have so many people that love you very much...continue to make us all proud!
Miguel and Gina: Congratulations on raising such a smart, beautiful and wonderful daughter!

And this beautiful girl is my other cousin Yukiko.  She graduates this weekend also.  And yes, with honors too (:
 I wish I could go to see her in her cap and gown also, but I just can't.  Yuki, I will be thinking of you this weekend also and wishing all good things to come your way. (:   I know you will also succeed in whichever career you choose because you are very smart, beautiful, and just an all-around wonderful girl.
Chico and Rose: Congratulations on doing such a great job in raising Yuki to be such a smart, wonderful, caring and sweet girl!

May God bless and protect them always!


Team McCreery!

So American Idol has crowned it's newest winner.  Scotty McCreery won and although he and Lauren Alaina both have incredible talent and they both deserved to win...America voted for Scotty to win.  He is just an all-American kid with an incredible voice that I could never get tired of listening to!  The Silva household is very happy that he won!  I'm sure you know by now that with the exception of Marko, all of us listen to country music.  Just about all of the time.  You can even catch Armando singing along to Tim McGraw or George Strait!  Seriously!  I guess that saying "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" holds true. (:

Well here is Scotty's new single.  It's called "I Love You This Big" and in my opinion, it will shoot it's way to #1 in no time!  Listen to it....I think you will enjoy it!

Congratulations Scotty McCreery!  May God bless you on this new incredible journey!
Your fan,


Decisions Decisions...

So I have been B-U-S-Y as ever hanging curtains, blinds, emptying boxes and putting stuff away, making roman shades for the laundry room (before and after pics coming soon!), and we have been moving tons (and I mean literally TONS) of stuff out of our storage and into our basement.    Funny story about our last load from storage..... the place we had our stuff stored has a rule that you MUST be OUT of the gated premises by 9:59 pm.  No exceptions!  The gates lock up at 10 pm and the only way out is to call the police to let you out and you get charged $100 for them to let you out!  So it was 9:30 pm Sunday night when we finished unloading what we had in the truck (this was our FOURTH load BTW and we were exhausted!)   The only stuff we had left in storage were 6 bikes, a TV, 3 chairs and a small amount of little stuff.  Armando reminded me that the truck had to be returned Monday morning, so he asked me if I thought we could make it to the storage for the final load....ok, the house we moved to is ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOWN from the storage.  I told him I thought we could if we hurried up.  So Armando, my brother Danny and I took off like bats out of hell!  As we got about half way to the storage, I told Armando that I thought we would be at the storage by 9:40.  That meant that we had 15 minutes to get EVERYTHING because we had to be OUT of the gated area before 10.  So we get there right at 9:40 just as I predicted, and all 3 of us are RUNNING around and just throwing our stuff into the box of the truck.  Armando asked me to drive the truck to the other side of the storage building to pick him up because he was going to remove our lock.  That stupid lock cost me $10 and I was NOT going to leave it.  So Danny and I jump into the truck (it is now 9:52!), and Armando runs to get the lock.......  And he took the truck keys IN HIS POCKET!  So I'm huffing and puffing as I'm running to where Armando was so I could get the keys to the truck!  He hands them to me and I huff and puff BACK to the truck to drive it around and pick him up!  (just retelling the story makes me huff and puff again!)  So I pick him up and by now, the alarms are sounding because the gate is ready to LOCK us in!  We RACE to the gate to drive out and get out just in time!  We left the gate at 9:59 PM! about stressful! GA!

Anyway, I am nowhere near being done putting stuff away and organizing stuff. (sigh..)  Armando and I have done alot and the only thing that is organized is the tons of Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day decorations I have and our 5,837 suitcases we own.  Yeah, we used to travel that much!

And tonight, I just spent about 2 hours looking at tons of websites for kitchen curtains....I mean..DON'T YOU??!!  I really need help in choosing the curtains.   I'm just not finding any that knock my socks off.  I think I have mentioned before that I love love love my rooster collection.  And we live in an old farmhouse.  So the roosters definitely fit into the "theme" but I'm not having much luck in the curtain department.  I decided to make my own curtains.  Where I will find the time to do this, I have no idea.  But that is my plan.  I found these online.  Oh and my kitchen "theme" is roosters and the color green:

See what I mean?  Pretty boring huh?

 I found this picture and I must say that I LOVE this blue/yellow combination...but I don't know if I can convince Armando that I need to sell all of my kitchen stuff and start my kitchen from scratch and buy everything in blue and yellow...  (:

  So what do you think?  Which curtains should I go with?  Or do you have any suggestions?  Any help would be very much appreciated..  (:


Crazy weekends..

I'm running a little behind on my posts and I apologize, but our weekend was very busy!  We moved all of our stuff from our HUMONGO storage unit to our basement!  "We" is Armando, my brother Danny, my mom, and myself.   I thank my mom and Danny from the bottom of my heart.  They are amazing and always so willing to help.  Thank you, Thank you!!!!  And man, what a big job that was/is!  I say was/is because even though it is here at my house, I now need to organize it....  It really kicked my butt our butts!  I was so incredibly stiff and sore today I actually felt sorry for myself!  It really wasn't any fun, but it was something we had to do.  We finally decided to bring that stuff home to sort through it and either put it on Craigslist or have a yard sale. We had to.  We were tired of paying $150 dollars every.  single.  month.
For nothing!  We'd had enough.  I didn't want to end up being like my mom's next door neighbor that had a huge garage sale recently.  She took all of her stuff out of her storage unit after having paid storage fees for 8 YEARS!  Can you imagine that??!!  She paid storage for 8 long years to store stuff that she obviously didn't NEED!  Right?  I mean she managed to survive for 8 years without ever using anything in her storage unit!

This weekend wasn't all bad.... Marko's friend Diego spent the night on Saturday and they had a really good time running outside..

Exploring, and yes.... talking about whatever 12-year-old boys talk about.
And doing what 12-year-old boys know....things like poking their heads inside prairie dog holes!!
 Tita stayed closer to home while the boys were off on their adventure..

 With Diego definitely being a "city boy"
and with Marko having just recently converting to a  "country boy"...
.....They BOTH wore brand-spankin'-new shoes!!  They DID!  At least Marko's shoes are black!  Diego's shoes were yellow...yeah! YELLOW!  (not anymore!  Notice how they have kinda like a grey tint to them now??). Go figure!...And with all of the rain we have gotten lately, both of their "new" shoes AND their socks were ready for the garbage!! For the record, I didn't get mad at Marko for ruining the shoes I had just bought him the night before because he had such a good time with his friend and I didn't want to ruin that moment for him.  Oh well.....hopefully, the next time he wants to go explore outside, he'll grab some of his OLD shoes...... like THATS gonna happen!  But like the good 'ole Mastercard commercial states:
1 brand-new pair of shoes: $30
1 child coming home with a pound of dirt in each shoe - but with a beautiful smile from ear to ear: PRICELESS (:

Then on Sunday, we had a BBQ to celebrate Tita's graduation from 5th grade and her birthday.  We were traveling home from Texas on our birthday and never got to really celebrate it.  The day of her schools graduation, it rained a lot...which is the norm around here lately, so we didn't do anything that day either.  With the exception of Tita's best friend, Claire, and my best friend Lori, which happens to be Claire's mom- (did you get that?), everyone at the BBQ was family-all of the kids, us, my mom and my brother.  We had a really good time and Tita received some very cute summer outfits and sandals from Laura, Ivan and Lynette.  Thank you so much!  Everything fit perfectly except for some shorts I need to return (Thank you for the receipt Laura!)    For a while now, Tita has been asking for some wedges....and I wanted some too.    For those of you that do not know......wedges are NOT wedgies...or underwear jammed somewhere they shouldn' HALF of my household thought. (They seriously did!....can you figure out who thought that?  I'll give you a clue:  Tita and I both wanted these shoes so it leaves us two out of the equation!)   Anyway, wedges are these:

 But since my daughter is ELEVEN, we got her these, which are more age-appropriate:

She loves them.  She loves all of her gifts, but hasn't been able to really wear them due to all of the rain we get every day.

And since my birthday was the same day as my daughter, Armando bought me these:

Thank you babe!  I love them!  This picture really doesn't do them any justice.  They are VERY cute and look even cuter ON (:  I'm excited to have them.  According to the weatherman, I'll probably be able to wear them at the end of next week!...Fingers crossed!

I of course took pictures to document this day; however, my camera batteries apparently were running low, therefore, turning my pictures into a blurry mess...  Yes, I am very upset about this, but I realize that there is absolutely nothing I can do about it...

 What wonderful memories did you make last weekend?  Were you able to document it?  I hope so!
Have a great week..


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