My little girl has gone through some big changes this last couple weeks.  First, she turned 11 and now, she is in her final day of elementary school tomorrow!  Or rather, I should say that tomorrow is my final day of elementary school since Tita is the youngest.  Tita had her 5th grade graduation ceremony today and I admit that I shed a tear or two as the enormity of the situation hit me like a ton of bricks...My kids are growing up!!  It's not fair!!  I'm not ready!!
Tita will be going to school with Marko in the fall.  I know it is a cliche, but time really does fly by! It really seems like just the day before yesterday, I was enrolling her into preschool.   I remember I would drop Marko off at kindergarden and then I would drop Tita off at her preschool.   I really didn't know what to do with myself those mornings that I was home alone.  I missed the kids terribly!  I was shocked THEN at how fast my babies had grown up and it was very sad to me.  And I am still very shocked at how fast the time passed.  Here are pictures of the baby of our family throughout the years.
This picture was taken in the back yard of our beloved "brown house," where we never would have moved out of had the city allowed us to build onto the house.  We asked and they refused.  They said we could build up, but not "out."  We had just about 3/4 of an acre of land for a tiny TWO bedroom house, but for some reason, we were not allowed to build on and stay there.  Go figure.  We didn't have a choice but to move.

 This is one of my favorite pictures of Tita and her dad.  They have the exact same eyes!  Tita was 1 year old in this one.
 I LOVE this picture of her in her white fur hat!  Too cute!
 My favorite mommy/daughter picture!
 These pictures were taken at the Delta near Lodi, California.
 This beautiful picture is of my baby's First Communion!

And these were taken today at her 5th grade graduation.
 Tita with her best friend Claire!

I wish my baby all of the happiness and success in the world as she embarks on this new phase in her life...she deserves it!   I pray that she and Marko look out for each other always since they will be in the same school now until they graduate!  I also pray that God watch and protect my children always.    And finally, I pray that God give me the wisdom and strength to guide my beautiful children through their pre-teen and teenage years His way.

Again, I'm really sad that my baby's  growing up so fast.  Not having elementary-aged children anymore will take some getting-used-to...not kidding!

One thing that I will NOT miss and am very HAPPY about is not being forced to participate in the crazy, ridiculous, completely-exaggerated traffic jam within a 4 block radius of the elementary school anymore!! Yippee!!!  See?  I have the ability to see the bright side of every situation!!

I love you so very much my baby!  I know that you will continue to make me proud with everything you do, and I know that you will SHINE at your new school! 

Mom  (Honey  :)

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