Graduations part II (:

The month of May is almost over, and that means one thing: GRADUATION!
I actually have 2 cousins that are in the class of 2011.  They aren't in the same school...or even the same state; they actually don't even know each other...but they are both my cousins and I love them both (:

My family and I had planned on going to Texas this week for Evette's graduation, but with moving tons of stuff for DAYS, we are just too sore and tired to be able to make the 12 hour drive, party like Rock Stars and drive 12 hours back home so I can go to school on Tuesday. 

This beautiful girl is Evette and she is graduating today with honors (of course..)  She never ceases to amaze me with her accomplishments.

Evette, I really wanted to be there to see you in your cap and gown...I will definitely be there in spirit.  I wish you all the best as you get ready to start college in the fall.  I know you will succeed at any career you put your mind to.  You are beautiful inside and out, you are so smart and you have such an awesome personality.  You have so many people that love you very much...continue to make us all proud!
Miguel and Gina: Congratulations on raising such a smart, beautiful and wonderful daughter!

And this beautiful girl is my other cousin Yukiko.  She graduates this weekend also.  And yes, with honors too (:
 I wish I could go to see her in her cap and gown also, but I just can't.  Yuki, I will be thinking of you this weekend also and wishing all good things to come your way. (:   I know you will also succeed in whichever career you choose because you are very smart, beautiful, and just an all-around wonderful girl.
Chico and Rose: Congratulations on doing such a great job in raising Yuki to be such a smart, wonderful, caring and sweet girl!

May God bless and protect them always!


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