Howdy Pardner!

So you know how I told you that we went to Texas last week because my Aunt Connie had had a stroke?   Well she is doing much better.   Thank you Jesus. (:     And I told you how the very day I got "home," I MOVED?  Well, you can pretty much guess how crazy busy I have been..  And I'm NOT kidding!!   Anyway, I hadn't had a chance to upload these pictures and I wanted to so badly, so I decided to go ahead and do it on today's post.  Anyone that knows my family knows how everytime we travel to New Mexico or Texas, we HAVE TO stop at Allsups.  Allsups is a gas station that have the best burritos EVER!!!!  You have to try it with the taco sauce they give you too... it is the BEST!!  We sometimes actually travel 6 hours without eating anything so we will be hungry and actually eat the burritos.....Don't tell me YOU don't do that!!  They are so Yummmmy!!  Here is a picture of them.  I know...I'm a dork...

Needless to say....we practically LIVED on Allsups burritos the 4 days we were in Texas.  And I brought Armando 10 of them..  He was nice enough to share with us...    I'm not kidding.  They are THAT good.   (:

On our way home, we stopped in Amarillo and I'll bet you will never guess who I found wearing some bright red cowboy boots...

Don't you LOVE THEM!!!???

That's right... 'Ole Ronald McDonald himself!  He sure doesn't wear cowboy boots in my state!  Only in Texas.... 


Tita wasn't embarrassed....she was born in Texas.  So was I and so was Laura! We love it when people say y"all...  (:
But I could NOT get Marko to join in on the fun.   He's growing up I guess cause he was hiding on the floor board of the car...not sure why..probably cause he was born in Colorado..

I'm glad to be home.  And yesterday was Mother's Day in I got to celebrate it twice!  I got some new toys that I LOVE!! I will be posting about that soon.

Have a great week!!


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