What will I find today???

I have ALWAYS checked every single pocket of every article of clothing before putting it in the washer.  I have to because my family NEVER empties their pockets before putting their clothes in the laundry basket.  Ever.  With the exception of Laura and Ivan, I mean nobody!  I find random things like gum wrappers, pens, pencils, pencil grips, rolly-polly bugs...yeah, that was really nice to find!  Marko and Armando especially are NOTORIOUS for leaving everything in their pockets.  Armando's pockets usually contain pens, business cards, customer's phone numbers and gum wrappers.....and sometimes, Armando's pockets may or may not contain money....... although I will never tell (:
Marko is another story...I NEVER know what to expect when checking his pockets.  I can usually retrace his entire day by the contents of his pockets...like what time he went to the bathroom at school (hall passes), what he ate for lunch (cookie wrappers, bottle tops, sandwich baggies, etc.   I once even found an entire B-A-N-A-N-A   P-E-E-L!!  Yucky!!  Well, with my son being the amazing artist he is, I will probably ALWAYS find pens and pencils in his pockets; however, his bugs have been replaced with guitar picks.  Lots of guitar pics.  Marko taught himself to play the guitar and he's taught himself to read music for his guitar!!  How awesome is THAT?!  Yeah, my son is pretty amazing. (:
Here is a picture of my handsome son with his pride and joy:
 I love this little guy so very much and I am so proud of him!  (:


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