Fun day!

Well today I finally put the new batteries in my camera...I'd been carrying the pack of new batteries around in my purse for a week!  And of course... I found the perfect opportunities to use the camera!

Do you agree with me that this is the LARGEST sock monkey EVER??!!  Tita has always wanted one....I think I will make her one in the next couple of weeks...but it probably won't be quite as big!

 This is actually a cardboard cutout at our local KIA dealership.  (:

 Then me and Tita went to visit our besties...Lori and Claire! 
  Marko and Eli being goofy..

 Boys will be boys!

 Then the girls joined in





 And yes, Lori....I posted this pic! (:   Nevermind...I took it off..HA!  We'll have to take pics after we put some make up on...ok?

And this is totally random...but I wanted to show you what Marko does everytime we go to a store....if I can GET him to the store!  I almost had to threaten him when I stopped at the store on the way home! 

We had a really fun day...Thanks Lori & Claire (:

Can you believe it's June tomorrow?  Laura wanted to know where May went and I told her that I think it got washed away by all of the rain we got last month!  What do you think?  Did the month of May just flash by for you too?
Have a great week!


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