End of school band concert

Well we went to Marko's last band concert of the year on Wednesday evening.  And since Marko never, ever, ever brings me the newsletter from his school until 3/4 of the events have passed, I found out about the concert on Wednesday morning.  Not kidding! And that's only because I overheard him on the phone with his friend Diego and found out that way. GA!!!
They sounded AWESOME!  It was a fantastic concert and I would gladly post pictures had I NOT forgotten my memory card in my computer...but Tita saved the day because she was able to take pics on her phone, so I have those.  (:
Marko's band teacher is awesome and has done a wonderful job with the kids.  It amazes me how he took a large group of kids that had no experience, or very little experience playing an instrument and has been able to teach them all to play them and coordinate them all into playing the songs they played for the audience! Wow. 
And this fall, I will have both of the kids in band!  Tita has her heart set on playing the flute this next school year and I know that she will do awesome in Mr. Reed's class.  I think it's funny how people's last names, a lot of the time, fit their profession perfectly.  You know...like a teacher being named Mr. Book?  (We actually know a teacher named Mr. Book by the way...)  and they thought about naming their daughter Rita....get it? Rita Book?  Anyway,  like I mentioned, Marko's band teacher is Mr. Reed.  For those of you that don't know, some woodwind instruments use reeds.  I used to play the clarinet in band and I probably bought about 2,000 reeds during the time I played in the band.  Back then, they only cost 10 cents each........  Yes, it was THAT long ago (:    I believe they now cost approximately $1.90 EACH!!  I could never afford to have one of the kids play an instrument that needed reeds, that's for sure!
So...now that I will have 2 kids in band this Fall, do you think my chances of finding out about upcoming concerts next year will be somewhat easier?? Do you think maybe I'll get more than a SIX hour notice of that night's concert??  I sure hope so!

And...............today at 3:30 is the official kick-off of Tita's summer vacation!!  I know one little girl that is sleeping IN tomorrow!!!

Have a great day!!

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