A belated birthday letter to my baby..

Disclaimer:  This letter was written a few weeks ago, but circumstances beyond my control kept me from posting it.
May 3, 2011

My beautiful Gabriella,
Tuesday was a wonderful day…it was your 11th birthday!  I remember the

day I found out I was pregnant with you.  I already had Marko, a perfect little boy and I remember thinking how wonderful it would be if God blessed me with a perfect baby girl this time.  And He did!  I would dream of the day I would get to hold you in my arms and hear you talk.  I couldn’t wait to comb your hair, paint your nails and read you a book.
Since I had so many complications with Marko’s birth, my doctor scheduled my C-section for May 17th.  Grandma ended
up taking me to the hospital a total of 3 times in April and each time, I thought I was coming home with you but all 3 times, I was sent home and told it was not time yet.  I went to the hospital about a week later and I remember I was lying in the hospital bed and the doctor came in and said “You are having your baby TODAY!”  I was a little scared but excited too.  I was prepped for the C-Section and maybe 10 minutes later I was holding you!  You were so very tiny and absolutely beautiful!  I loved you from the moment I found out I was pregnant with you, but when the nurse handed you to me I was instantly crazy, over-the-moon in love with you.  I kissed your cheek, counted your delicate fingers and toes and told you how excited I was to meet you and then they took you to the nursery to do the regular baby tests on your eyes and ears.  I couldn’t believe I now had TWO perfect babies !  Wow.. God is so good!  I remember asking the nurse what the date was because I really didn’t know.  She said “Today is May 3rd!”  and I told her that May 3rd was also MY birthday!
I thanked God again for such a wonderful, perfect, beautiful and unique birthday gift.  I was moved to my regular hospital room and you were brought in to me and my world was absolutely perfect.  I remember I dressed you and you were so tiny that your pink socks wouldn’t stay on.  Grandma brought Marko in and he was absolutely AMAZED at the sight of you.  He kept kissing you and hugging you.  He instantly loved you too.  I remember telling him that he had to be so very gentle with you because you were chiquitita (very small).  He looked up at me and said “Tita?” and I said yes honey, “Tita.”  You weren’t even an hour old and you now had a nickname!  We have called you Tita ever since, and we probably always will. (:
We were released from the hospital after 2 days and I was so happy because I finally had my two babies with me.  Marko was only 19 months old but he loved to help.  He would get your diapers or wipes and he loved his little sister.  As you were growing up, Marko would try to kiss you and you would get so mad.  Now it’s the other way around: You try to give Marko a kiss goodnight and he doesn’t like it!  I remember you were such a good baby and you loved your bathtime.  I always gave you a bath before bed and you still do this today.  You loved music and books from such an early age.  You always competed with Marko too.  When you were about 7 months old, you were very jealous of the fact that Marko was running around the house.  You would try to walk, but of course you would fall, but you kept trying!  Around this time, Marko was being potty-trained and sure enough, you decided that you were definitely NOT going to let Marko outshine you.  So what did you do? You potty-trained yourself!  That’s right!  You were completely potty-trained BY YOURSELF right before turning 9 months!  I was amazed!  Normally, children are taught certain things by their parents, you know, things such as potty-training, reading, writing, addition and subtraction. Not you. You taught yourself to do all of these things all on your own!  So I really am not surprised that you have always been in the Gifted and Talented program in elementary school.
You have brought so much joy and love to my heart and if I could have hand-picked a perfect daughter for myself, I would have absolutely picked YOU.  I have enjoyed watching you grow into such an amazing little girl am I am so very proud to call you my daughter.  Stay a little girl as long as possible sweetie, don’t rush to grow up.  You’ll have plenty of time for that.
Happy Birthday sweet girl!  I hope all of your birthday wishes come true, and may God Bless you with many, many, many more birthdays!
Hugs and kisses,

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