The other day I took Marko to get his weekly shot at the allergy doctor's office.  After he gets his shot, we have to wait in the waiting room for 30 minutes to make sure Marko does ok with the shot and doesn't have a bad reaction to it.   They actually inject him with WHAT HE'S ALLERGIC TO!  Is that crazy?!  Anyway, as I was waiting, I was reading one of the magazines and ran across an article on George Michael and I about fell out of my chair!  Ok well you know how I've talked a time or two about growing up in the 80's and how the music from the 80's is ingrained into my brain?  Well some songs just mean more than others, and one of his songs is ONE of those songs!  You know how hearing a certain song maybe takes you back to a first date when you were 17...or maybe it reminds you of cruisin' the Butte with your friends (The "Main" street in our town was called Box all the kids "cruised the Butte" every weekend)....or maybe it takes you back to that night you and your friends sneaked into your friend's sister's house to get the keys to her pickup so you could "borrow" it...and while climbing in through the window, your foot landed in the toilet..and all night long, every time you stepped on your left foot, it squished really loud! And your pant leg was soaking wet up to your knee? HA!  THAT is certainly a memory I will never forget (:  Anyway, as I was saying, some songs just stick in your brain and you never forget it.  One song that brings back memories...or A memory, I should George Michael's "Faith."
I was IN LOVE with George Michael.  Even back from his dorkier Wham! days......until I found out he was gay....
Anyway, I L-O-V-E-D this song from the first time I heard it.  I was living in Nebraska at the time and a couple years later, I moved to where I now live, and was working at a computer software distribution center.  My boss asked me for a ride home one day, and I took her.  Just as I was leaving her house, "Faith" came on the radio, so what did I do?  I turned it ALL THE WAY UP!  I hadn't heard Faith in a very long time.....But I was so busy turning the radio up that I didn't realize that the traffic light I was getting to had turned yes........I crashed.  And not just a little fender-bender.  It was a CRASH!  My truck was totalled and the other car was in pretty bad shape too.  Thank God that the other driver was ok!  He had just bought like 8 snowcones and was on his way home, I'm assuming, when we crashed.  I felt HORRIBLE!  He had 8 different flavors of snowcones all over his car and all over him.  I was ticketed, and I deserved it.  So for the following 6 weeks, I called him at least 4 times every single day so I could start paying him his damages.  I wanted to have it all paid off by the time I went to court.  But I must have left him 5,000 messages with a live person, and he NEVER called me back!  I cried every night because of what happened.  I felt really horrible....especially because I wasn't able to pay him back for his damages.  It was something I really wanted to do.  I'll never understand why he wouldn't return my calls.  But he didn't.  So...when I went to court, the judge asked me why I didn't stop at the light and I told him the truth.  He then asked me if I had paid the damages to the other driver and I told him of my daily phone calls to him and that he never would call me back.  So the judge said that since I had tried so many times, the other driver must not be interested in me paying him his damages, so he said I didn't have to pay anything anymore!  Just like that, my case was done!  I was fined $74.00 and was free to go!
So you see...."Faith" will always mean something to me.  Something bad, but still...
Here is the video: have to admit that George Michael was really stinkin' HOT!  (It's ok...Armando knows)  (:
I REALLY want one of those juke boxes by the way...went went hink hink ;)
So are there any songs that hold that special memory?  Good or bad?...


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