Crazy weekends..

I'm running a little behind on my posts and I apologize, but our weekend was very busy!  We moved all of our stuff from our HUMONGO storage unit to our basement!  "We" is Armando, my brother Danny, my mom, and myself.   I thank my mom and Danny from the bottom of my heart.  They are amazing and always so willing to help.  Thank you, Thank you!!!!  And man, what a big job that was/is!  I say was/is because even though it is here at my house, I now need to organize it....  It really kicked my butt our butts!  I was so incredibly stiff and sore today I actually felt sorry for myself!  It really wasn't any fun, but it was something we had to do.  We finally decided to bring that stuff home to sort through it and either put it on Craigslist or have a yard sale. We had to.  We were tired of paying $150 dollars every.  single.  month.
For nothing!  We'd had enough.  I didn't want to end up being like my mom's next door neighbor that had a huge garage sale recently.  She took all of her stuff out of her storage unit after having paid storage fees for 8 YEARS!  Can you imagine that??!!  She paid storage for 8 long years to store stuff that she obviously didn't NEED!  Right?  I mean she managed to survive for 8 years without ever using anything in her storage unit!

This weekend wasn't all bad.... Marko's friend Diego spent the night on Saturday and they had a really good time running outside..

Exploring, and yes.... talking about whatever 12-year-old boys talk about.
And doing what 12-year-old boys know....things like poking their heads inside prairie dog holes!!
 Tita stayed closer to home while the boys were off on their adventure..

 With Diego definitely being a "city boy"
and with Marko having just recently converting to a  "country boy"...
.....They BOTH wore brand-spankin'-new shoes!!  They DID!  At least Marko's shoes are black!  Diego's shoes were yellow...yeah! YELLOW!  (not anymore!  Notice how they have kinda like a grey tint to them now??). Go figure!...And with all of the rain we have gotten lately, both of their "new" shoes AND their socks were ready for the garbage!! For the record, I didn't get mad at Marko for ruining the shoes I had just bought him the night before because he had such a good time with his friend and I didn't want to ruin that moment for him.  Oh well.....hopefully, the next time he wants to go explore outside, he'll grab some of his OLD shoes...... like THATS gonna happen!  But like the good 'ole Mastercard commercial states:
1 brand-new pair of shoes: $30
1 child coming home with a pound of dirt in each shoe - but with a beautiful smile from ear to ear: PRICELESS (:

Then on Sunday, we had a BBQ to celebrate Tita's graduation from 5th grade and her birthday.  We were traveling home from Texas on our birthday and never got to really celebrate it.  The day of her schools graduation, it rained a lot...which is the norm around here lately, so we didn't do anything that day either.  With the exception of Tita's best friend, Claire, and my best friend Lori, which happens to be Claire's mom- (did you get that?), everyone at the BBQ was family-all of the kids, us, my mom and my brother.  We had a really good time and Tita received some very cute summer outfits and sandals from Laura, Ivan and Lynette.  Thank you so much!  Everything fit perfectly except for some shorts I need to return (Thank you for the receipt Laura!)    For a while now, Tita has been asking for some wedges....and I wanted some too.    For those of you that do not know......wedges are NOT wedgies...or underwear jammed somewhere they shouldn' HALF of my household thought. (They seriously did!....can you figure out who thought that?  I'll give you a clue:  Tita and I both wanted these shoes so it leaves us two out of the equation!)   Anyway, wedges are these:

 But since my daughter is ELEVEN, we got her these, which are more age-appropriate:

She loves them.  She loves all of her gifts, but hasn't been able to really wear them due to all of the rain we get every day.

And since my birthday was the same day as my daughter, Armando bought me these:

Thank you babe!  I love them!  This picture really doesn't do them any justice.  They are VERY cute and look even cuter ON (:  I'm excited to have them.  According to the weatherman, I'll probably be able to wear them at the end of next week!...Fingers crossed!

I of course took pictures to document this day; however, my camera batteries apparently were running low, therefore, turning my pictures into a blurry mess...  Yes, I am very upset about this, but I realize that there is absolutely nothing I can do about it...

 What wonderful memories did you make last weekend?  Were you able to document it?  I hope so!
Have a great week..


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