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So I have been B-U-S-Y as ever hanging curtains, blinds, emptying boxes and putting stuff away, making roman shades for the laundry room (before and after pics coming soon!), and we have been moving tons (and I mean literally TONS) of stuff out of our storage and into our basement.    Funny story about our last load from storage..... the place we had our stuff stored has a rule that you MUST be OUT of the gated premises by 9:59 pm.  No exceptions!  The gates lock up at 10 pm and the only way out is to call the police to let you out and you get charged $100 for them to let you out!  So it was 9:30 pm Sunday night when we finished unloading what we had in the truck (this was our FOURTH load BTW and we were exhausted!)   The only stuff we had left in storage were 6 bikes, a TV, 3 chairs and a small amount of little stuff.  Armando reminded me that the truck had to be returned Monday morning, so he asked me if I thought we could make it to the storage for the final load....ok, the house we moved to is ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOWN from the storage.  I told him I thought we could if we hurried up.  So Armando, my brother Danny and I took off like bats out of hell!  As we got about half way to the storage, I told Armando that I thought we would be at the storage by 9:40.  That meant that we had 15 minutes to get EVERYTHING because we had to be OUT of the gated area before 10.  So we get there right at 9:40 just as I predicted, and all 3 of us are RUNNING around and just throwing our stuff into the box of the truck.  Armando asked me to drive the truck to the other side of the storage building to pick him up because he was going to remove our lock.  That stupid lock cost me $10 and I was NOT going to leave it.  So Danny and I jump into the truck (it is now 9:52!), and Armando runs to get the lock.......  And he took the truck keys IN HIS POCKET!  So I'm huffing and puffing as I'm running to where Armando was so I could get the keys to the truck!  He hands them to me and I huff and puff BACK to the truck to drive it around and pick him up!  (just retelling the story makes me huff and puff again!)  So I pick him up and by now, the alarms are sounding because the gate is ready to LOCK us in!  We RACE to the gate to drive out and get out just in time!  We left the gate at 9:59 PM! about stressful! GA!

Anyway, I am nowhere near being done putting stuff away and organizing stuff. (sigh..)  Armando and I have done alot and the only thing that is organized is the tons of Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day decorations I have and our 5,837 suitcases we own.  Yeah, we used to travel that much!

And tonight, I just spent about 2 hours looking at tons of websites for kitchen curtains....I mean..DON'T YOU??!!  I really need help in choosing the curtains.   I'm just not finding any that knock my socks off.  I think I have mentioned before that I love love love my rooster collection.  And we live in an old farmhouse.  So the roosters definitely fit into the "theme" but I'm not having much luck in the curtain department.  I decided to make my own curtains.  Where I will find the time to do this, I have no idea.  But that is my plan.  I found these online.  Oh and my kitchen "theme" is roosters and the color green:

See what I mean?  Pretty boring huh?

 I found this picture and I must say that I LOVE this blue/yellow combination...but I don't know if I can convince Armando that I need to sell all of my kitchen stuff and start my kitchen from scratch and buy everything in blue and yellow...  (:

  So what do you think?  Which curtains should I go with?  Or do you have any suggestions?  Any help would be very much appreciated..  (:


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