The "C" word..

Well as you probably know by now, I am taking medical classes and I will periodically post something interesting that happens at school.  Class today was pretty interesting and I learned a lot of things.  One thing I did today was....I learned hands-on how to insert a catheter for both females and males...OUCH!  Oh, and sorry I don't have any pictures...........Not that I didn't want to.........I really wanted to grab my iphone, but for obvious reasons, I refrained.. (: 
I have never given catheters much thought before and to be honest with you, I really hope that is NEVER something I need to discuss with my doctor at one of MY appointments or even at any of my children's appointments! I did very well though and am pretty comfortable with the whole procedure.  I guess the most important detail we learned about this was the part about actually deflating the bubble before pulling it out.  I hope this isn't too graphic for most of you, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
I also can tell you the difference between speculums (for different parts of the body), retractors, forceps, 5 thousand different types of scissors(...ok, maybe not THAT many, but it sure seems like it!), and curettes!
I have my final for this class on Wednesday and I feel very confident; however, I will be a good student and study a little more tonight.
Oh and one more awesome thing happened to me today:  I got my schedule for my next class.  A few weeks ago I requested online classes or just one class because Marko is having ear surgery in the next couple weeks and I wanted to be home with him as much as possible during the time he recovers. God is so good and I got exactly what I was hoping for.  I am only scheduled for a Communication Arts class and it is online.  I am so blessed that I can take care of my son myself and not have it interfere with my education.  That is one less worry on my mind!

Today has been a wonderful day for me and I hope it has been for everyone else too..

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