Rest in Peace Martha..

I  just got a call from my family in Texas to let me know that my stepmom, Martha passed away today.  She suffered a massive heart attack at her home today and died.  I truly hope she died swiftly and didn't suffer.
Please pray for her soul to enter God's kingdom for eternity.
Please also pray for my dad--he is not in the best of health himself and his heart is broken now that his lifelong partner is gone.  I'm sure he feels completely lost without her.  Pray that the memories he has with Martha brings him peace and comfort during this trying time.
Pray for my siblings, Greg, Ricky, Mario and Lisa, now that hey have lost their mother.
Especially pray for Nathan, Houston, Alexis, and Andrew to be able to adequately sort through and express their feelings for the loss of their beloved grandmother.  She and my dad were raising these children, and Martha was the only mother they ever knew.  Pray that they never forget how much she loved them.
May God wrap his loving arms around them all to give them comfort during this very difficult time.
Rest in Peace Martha...

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