I was cleaning out the basement last night....well actually, the hubs and I were.  And we played an awesome game of darts while we were at it.  But I'll get to that later in the post...HA!

Anyway, I ran across some old pics that I just had to share...

This first one is Marko when he was in KINDERGARDEN!  Awww.....I sure do miss him being that small (so I can cuddle with him..)  What a CUTIE!!  I still cuddle with my boy, he just doesn't fit on my lap anymore.
 This is me at about age 4 with my uncle Joe. (RIP).  I've posted about him before....I sure do miss him.  He passed away 20 years ago.
 This is my hubby Armando.  This is what he looked like when I fell madly, crazy, and completely in love with him..
 This is me and my baby girl Tita.  She was about 9 months old at the time.  I really miss her being this age too.  She and Marko were babies at the same time and I was very fortunate that they were such good babies.  They really were.  I am so very thankful that I was able to be a stay-at-home-mom to them.  Having grown up with babysitters (that will totally get it's own post someday), I never wanted that for my kids.  Thank you babe for allowing me that luxury (:
 This is a picture of Marko's football team last year...The Chargers.  Marko is the first one on the left in the middle row.  He looked so handsome in his uniform!
 This is my mother-in-law. (RIP)
 Lynette is probably going to KILL me for posting this, but this is her in the 6th grade....She's a senior this year!
 This is a picture of my HeadStart class.  This was in Alliance, Nebraska and I was 4.  My mom worked there and she is in the back row, just to the left of the curtain on the back door.  Right in front of her in the dark dress with the large white collar is Bonnie Cook.  Right in front Bonnie, in the white dress and black boots (standing), is either Eleanor Cook or Elaine Cook.  Eleanor has always been my best friend.  I honestly don't know which twin it is in this pic.  (:  They really are identical!  Oh, and Bonnie is the twins' older sister.  Can you guess where Moi is in the pic?  I am on the opposite end of where Bonnie and Elaine/Eleanor is.  I'm wearing a crazy, flowered blouse with black pants, white socks and MaryJanes....And I've got a really bad haircut (:
 This drawing was among my old pics and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!  Marko proudly gave this to me when he was 4.  He drew Jesus on the cross for me and it is something I will treasure FOREVER!!!!  Isn't it just awesome??!!

 This is my mom and my dad.
 This pic is of me and my dear friend Taya.  I met her when our boys were in preschool together.  Can you believe that was TEN years ago!  This pic was taken about 7 years ago.  She lives in Dallas now, and I sure do miss her..
 This is me when Armando and I went to the casinos here in Colorado.

 This is Peditos.  He got a very short hair-cut last week and looks UGLY, but we still love him (:  And I'm sure he's much, much cooler now with all of that fur gone!
 This is my kiddos going C-R-A-Z-Y with the cheese whiz (is that what it's called??!!) HA!
 I was driving one day and when I came to a stop light, this is what I saw in my rear-view mirror....He really lets Tita do this to him!
 I LOVE this picture.  It is of my grandma that we grandkids called Ama. (RIP) when she was 16!  She was AMAZING.  Simply AMAZING.  I love and miss her so much. 
 This is my mom when she was about 21.  Beautiful!
 This is one of my favorite pictures of Tita.  Laura took this picture at Tita's First Communion.
 This is another picture of Ama with her firstborn son uncle.  I don't remember him because he passed away when I was a baby. (RIP).
 This is my Tita when she was about 7 months old.  It's a bad picture, I know, but I LOVE it..
I was so happy to have run across the box with all of these old pics.  Especially since our basement flooded last week.  I was so scared that they might have been ruined.  Armando and I have been working on organizing the basement, and I know we'll get it done, we just have to tackle it a little at a time.

Oh before I forget....remember that game of Darts I mentioned at the beginning of my post?  Well, Armando just made the target one day and it was still up on the wall.  I was taking a little break from cleaning/organizing/sorting boxes in the basement and he "dared" me try to shoot the darts.....So I did.

 I got it RIGHT IN THE CENTER!!!!!  And I threw it from about 10 feet away!  Notice how it says "2 shts" on the left?  I may or may not have MADE Armando drink the 2 shots. (:
 This was the best Armando could do.....He'll just have to keep practicing I guess.  Notice all of the holes around the target?  Yeah...Armando did the majority of those. HA!

So there you have it...another peek into my past.  I really treasure these old pics and again, I was so excited to not only  have found them, but that they weren't ruined!!

Have a great weekend!!

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