Who needs to count sheep?! (:

Well today...I woke up while Armando was getting ready for work.  Yeah..he works every Saturday.  Since I got up early and saw Armando off to work, can you guess what I did after he left??  Yes, I went back to sleep.....and it was awesome heavenly!   I may or may not have gone into a deep deep sleep.  Well, my mom came over and she honked her annoying horn on her car and I didn't hear it! And she didn't just honk a little honk like you probably would to catch someone's attention to wave at them or....you know....to alert whoever is inside that you are OUTSIDE??  Oh no! My mom never learned how to honk a little honk.  Trust me...she B-L-A-R-E-D down on her horn.  She told me.  And believe me, I definitely remember being 14, being at the arcade with my friends, and wanting so badly to crawl under a rock because she'd come to pick me up..... and even though I would SEE her driving up, and I'm walking to the door as fast as I can... she would park right at the door and blare down on her horn, like for 3 minutes straight, scaring the daylights out of my friends, and getting the attention  of EVERYONE within a 3 block radius...  It never failed...someone would always say "Rosi...your mom is here!"  Yep, I will never forget those days.....I almost needed counseling after those teenage years!  (Just kidding Mom!)  Well, she did it again today.  And since I was sleeping...I didn't hear it.  And she couldn't believe that I didn't wake up to her horn!  She's my MOM and she still doesn't believe me.  I think it's funny, because by now, she should know.  Trust me...she should know my terrible sleeping habits. (:  I also think it's scary that I'm such a heavy sleeper because my house could literally blow up around me and I wouldn't hear it!  Really!
I many have mentioned in an earlier post that I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON.   And I am one those people that needs A LOT of sleep every night.  I seriously don't function correctly without at least 10-11 hours of sleep!  And you have to understand that I don't simply fall asleep...you could technically call it falling into a coma! Not kidding!  Some years back, I was working as the newsroom editorial assistant at our local newspaper.  Well, one day I was so incredibly sick that I called my boss to let him know I would not be in that day and literally fell into a coma asleep.  I didn't take any meds either.  I just "simply fell asleep."  And my bedroom was UPSTAIRS.  I only woke up...and I PROMISE this is a TRUE STORY:  Ok, so as I said..I'm sleeping and I woke up to someone shaking me awake.  Now, I was the only one home and I didn't have children at the time.  Plus, the person shaking me awake was saying "Ma'am??"....."Miss..."  "Ma'am?"...  I opened one eye and saw this:

Yeah!  A FIREMAN was shaking me awake!  I immediately screamed and jumped out of my bed and almost landed in my closet!  I was scared, very confused and really FREAKED OUT!  My first thought was..."What in the WORLD is this fireman doing in my BEDROOM!?"
Well, it turns out that there had been a car accident on my street in front of my house and one of the cars ended up...ready for this??  In my LIVINGROOM!  And my bedroom was directly above the livingroom....Yeah!  I'm not kidding!  And the craziest part of it??  I didn't hear it! Any of it! I remember that I didn't believe the fireman at first, so I looked out my window.  What did I see?  Not much....only 2 huge firetrucks...a couple ambulances....EMTs all over my yard...like 3 police cars.. HA!  Nnnnnow do you believe me that I don't just fall asleep? (:  Oh and another thing?  When I lay down to sleep...I'm ASLEEP within 5 minutes.  I can almost fall asleep on demand!

So tell me...are you a heavy sleeper?  Do you fall into a deep sleep the second your head hits the pillow?  And finally....have you ever been woken up by a complete stranger  (fireman) that strolled into your house through the WALL?...or does that only happen in Colorado?

Have a wonderful and SAFE July 4th weekend!!


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