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 About 3 years ago, I was skimming through a magazine and when I got to the know, way in the back where all of the advertising is?  YEAH...I was looking through those.......don't YOU?!  Well, the one I happened to be looking at had lots of advertising for so many different yummy items.  One of the ads that caught my eye immediately was for bracelets that spelled out names, such as yours and your significant other, or bracelets that spell out the names of your children.
I wanted 2 bracelets PRETTY BADLY, but couldn't afford the $75 for one bracelet, much less..2.  I happen to like the names Gabriella and Marko.  Maybe that's why I NAMED my children these names and I wanted to wear bracelets with their names on them! (: 

Since I knew I wasn't going to be able to afford them anytime in the near future, I went to Hobby Lobby and spent about $40 on supplies to DIY.  I made my 2 bracelets (that turned out PERFECT), plus I made bracelets for Mother's Day for all of the mommy's I knew.  I bought the lettered beads and made each mom a bracelet with their children's names on them.   No two were alike, they turned out exactly like I had hoped and all of the mommy's loved them!  (score!)  I made a total of 27 bracelets and STILL had tons of materials left!  Since this was long before I started this blog, I don't have any pictures to post except for the 2 I made for myself:

 I wear them together on the same wrist and I love that I can wear them with many different outfits!

I kinda like these a lot....can you tell?? (:

Well, a couple days ago, I was going through some boxes in the basement and was so excited when I ran across my supply of beads!  I still had quite a variety of beads and since I had bought a large spool of Stretch Magic, I still had lots left.  Stretch Magic is the stretchy "string" you use to thread through the beads and it's so very easy peasy to use.  When you have the right amount of beads on the stretch magic to fit your wrist, you just tighten a little and tie into a double knot......awesome stuff!!

 So.....can you guess what Tita and I did that night? Yep we had fun making bracelets all evening!  It was awesome watching her discover the different beads and watching her eyes light up when she found the lettered beads!  I literally caught her "Aha" moment as she had a million ideas for the bracelets she wanted to make.  This is just SOME of the beads and I know it doesn't look like much, but I really do have bags and bags of them that I didn't want to pour out onto the leaf tray...

 Here is a picture of tita working on a bracelet...
 She's wearing the bracelet I made for her.  She LOVES it! (:

 She made me one that reads "Momma" (awww...) and the one I made her reads "Daughter."
 I love my Momma bracelet and love the fact that she put a lot of thought into it.  I wear mine every day since she made it.  And this picture really does not do it justice.

  Here is my mini-me!  She's awesome..
So I am totally in love with DIYing...I always have,  and now, so is Tita!  I only wish there were more hours in a day to get more done!  Have you made your own name bracelets?  It's really fun and inexpensive, the choices for beads is mind-boggling and the possibilities are seriously ENDLESS!!!!!


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