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If you knew me you would know that I never watch TV.  I never really have.  I think I've mentioned in an earlier post of the fact that even one hour a week of television is just too much for me.  I might sit and watch the weather report if I happen to be walking through the living room as it's coming on.  But I hardly ever have to do that though because we have our very own personal meteorologist.  That's right!  My mom is obsessed with the weather and making sure her kids and grandkids are she will call me whenever there is a change in the weather.  I love you mom...and thank you..I REALLY appreciate you!

Well as I was saying..I never watch TV unless it is something I really want to watch.  Today I actually sat through the interview Diane Sawyer had with Jaycee Dugard.  I must say that I am absolutely shocked at how normal this amazing woman is.   Jaycee was kidnapped at age ELEVEN and held captive for 18 years.
This child endured and survived unspeakable psychological, emotional and sexual abuse by the perverted convicted rapist that kidnapped her, but even more shocking is the fact that his WIFE helped him with the kidnapping AND the imprisonment for all of those years.  Jaycee was impregnated twice as a result of the rapes...the first pregnancy when Jaycee was 13!  She was rescued in 2009 and she is now a 31 year-old incredibly STRONG, beautiful and brave mother to 2 teenagers whom she loves dearly.  She's simply amazing.  Her mother was included in the interview also and their story will permanently stay in your heart.  I can't recall ever having watched such a powerful interview before.  This is truly a story of love, hope, courage and survival.  She actually wrote a book of her ordeal:

It is called A Stolen Life and I will definitely be buying this book tomorrow.

May God bless Jaycee and her family always!


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