4th of July at Rancho Silva!

It was an awesome 4th of July weekend at Rancho Silva!  On Sunday we took the kids to the Greeley Stampede, which is a huge, almost 2 week local event that includes rodeos, concerts and carnival that is held here every year for 100+ years!  We had a lot of fun and got home so very late!  Then we  BBQ'd on the 4th and the food was so yummy!  Armando made some chiles that were the BOMB!  It was perfect with all of the rest of the food.  After everyone ate, we took pics.  Since we're a bunch of dorks, we had a lot of fun.  Not that you can tell from the first 2pictures! Oh, and the pictures are in no order whatsoever....they are all pics from this weekend though!

We had some cake that Tita decorated all by herself!  She was so proud of her masterpiece!  And I am so proud of her. 

And here's some pics taken at the Stampede:
This is Lynette & Tita getting ready to ride the Spider.  This was my one of my favorite rides as a kid!
 And here is Marko and his buddy Diego:

 And here is Tita on my absolute FAVORITE ride:
 There was even a ZEBRA!!!!  She just HAD to take a picture on it!

 I got on this with Lynette...we laughed so much!

We made a stop to load up on some of this stuff too: 

 This was Peditos' first experience with fireworks and I was worried that he'd be scared of them.  Not a chance!!  The only problem I had with him was when the kids would light certain fireworks that you throw right after lighting.  Peditos would take off after them because he thought the kids were playing Fetch with him!  Crazy dog!

 This is one of the kids' fireworks:
And this is from the country club:

This was our first 4th of July at this house, and it was AWESOME because right from our back patio table we were able to enjoy the huge fireworks display from the Stampede and the country club.  They were absolutely beautiful, massive and incredible.  Plus, we were able to enjoy the fireworks being lit for miles and miles around!  It was pretty amazing!
So that was our weekend.  And it was great!  (:


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