Mutt & Jeff

Well, yesterday's post was all about changes.  Lots of changes.  Other things that are certainly changing at Rancho Silva that I didn't tell you about are these babies: 

 Can you guess what they are?
 They are none other than the avocados I started from the pit back in June.  They remind me of the old comic strip of Mutt & Jeff because of their size  (:    I wrote of how to start your own back in this post .  It took a few weeks to even begin to resemble anything other than...Oh, simply an avocado pit in a glass of water, but now you can definitely tell it is a growing, thriving, happy little tree!  I actually started 2 avocado trees that day, but I only wrote of 1.  The reason I decided to do 2 of them was because the pits were different.  You know how sometimes you cut open an avocado to make some awesome guacamole, and the pit is perfectly round and kind of big?  Aand then other times, you might cut one open and find that the pit is smaller and oval shaped?  You HAVE noticed that....right?!  Well, I wanted to see what the difference might be between the two.
 Notice all of the root growth?  tIsn't that crazy?  The one on the left is actually kind of tilted and resting against the rim of the glass  because it is high-centered on the ROOT!
 See the root on the picture??!!  Esta muy grandote!
 Notice how the leaves are definitely going to be different?  At least I think they are...The one on the right has distinctive leaves already.  Here's the first picture again (so you don't have to scroll all the way to the top of the post)....(sigh!)

The smaller one, which, by the way, happens to be the large perfectly round pit is growing differently in that the leaves it's sprouting kind of "uncurl."
 So now that I've updated you on Mutt & Jeff, I just had to show you that the flowers I received last week from Tita and the hubby still look like this:

Crazy huh??  You know what they say about receiving flowers and have them look this good for days... right?  It means that they were given to you with lots of LOVE!!  (:


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