I heart Avocados (:

Well the other night we celebrated my brother Danny's birthday.  I can't post pictures though because the quality isn't very good at all...you can barely see them.  We had a good time, and of course, good food (:    His birthday dinner called for avocados and I made sure to save one of the pits  to grow-what else?? An avocado tree!
It's really simple to do.   You need to rinse the pit to make sure you get all of the avocado off of it.  I just rinsed it until it wasn't greasy anymore.

The pit must be raised up off of the water so that only the bottom inch of the pit is sitting in water.  The pointed end is the end you put into the water.  For the "tripod",  I broke 2 toothpicks in half.

 I only needed 3 of the pieces of toothpicks and I just threw the 4th one away.  I inserted the sharp end into the bottom of the pit one at a time.  I did this by placing the sharp point where I wanted it on the pit, and as I held the pit and toothpick piece in my hand, I put the cut/ blunt end on the counter as I pushed the pit down onto it.  It goes in very easily.  I did this with all 3 toothpick pieces so that it ended up like a tripod, and it was ready to go into a glass, vase or mason jar.

 I used a small glass and you just need a little water.  Just enough for the bottom inch or so of the pit to sit in the water.


I check it everyday to see that the water level is still where it needs to be.  After a couple weeks, you will see the root start growing, the pit will begin to crack in half and open up.  When this happens, you will see the avocado tree begin to grow out of the center of the pit! After the tree is about 8 inches tall, I plant it in potting soil.  When you're ready to transfer it to the potting soil, you must be careful to keep the pit from falling apart.  It will be fragile at this point because the tree is growing out of the center and the pit is almost completely broken open.  I plant mine with the toothpicks still in it.
I can't wait until mine is that big.   I have grown them before and they make beautiful plants, but when we moved, it got destroyed...like many things do during a move.
You'd be amazed at how fast they grow.  I will periodically post pictures of my tree in it's different stages.

Have you planted anything cool lately?   Perhaps you already have an avocado tree.
Can someone show me how to plant a peach tree at home with the pit??

Have a wonderful day!     (:



  1. I am so totally going to call you "Martha" from now on!!:)


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