Ich liebe Deutsch Schokoladenkuchen!

So today has been one of those German kinda days....... Let me explain:    First thing this morning.....well...ok.. technically it wasn't first thing this morning, due to the simple fact that I am NOT a morning person, and I didn't have class this morning..... so let's just say it was at the beginning of MY day (:  I'm literally still rubbing my eyes and yawning when I hear a knock at my door!  I open the door and my tia and tio (aunt and uncle) are standing there.  First, I must explain something:  I apparently inherited my "non-morning gene" from my tia.  Everyone that knows her knows NOT to call her before 1 pm.  Not kidding!...so to see her standing at my door before 10:30 am was very odd.  Second, let me say that they live in the next STATE from us.....even though it's only an hour drive, it was still very strange.  I had just seen them on Saturday when they came to my house so I could type up some legal documents they need.  I think I have mentioned that I worked for many years for attorneys.  Well, I still do some work from home for people needing a divorce, custody, small-claims action, etc.  I can't give advice because I am not an attorney myself; but I can type up their documents.  So I did.  And they reciprocated by taking me, my kids and brother out to eat.  Armando was at work that day, so he wasn't able to go with us.    Anyway.....about this morning:  I gave them hugs and invited them in and my tia said that she had driven down to bring me a cake she had made me.

She hands me this:

 I open it up and found this amazing German chocolate  cake!!  yumm-O!
 My tia made this cake from SCRATCH!  Yeah!  How awesome is THAT!?
She told me that they were very grateful for the work I had done for them and so she made the cake for me.  And drove it down to me.  In the morning!.....I was speechless.  I told her it really was necessary and that dinner the other night was more than enough, but I SO GLAD she did (:   It looks delicious...right?  IT IS! 

THEN, my kids' preschool teacher came over later to drop her daughter off at our house so she could play with Tita.  The conversation we had ended up with us talking about our great-grandmothers....and I mentioned that my great-grandmother was full-blooded German.  Yeah...imagine THAT! HA!

Well still later, my kids' preschool teacher came back to my house to drop off a backpack with clothes because her daughter was going to spend the night.  Who came with her?  Her German foreign-exchange student! Of course!

So the title of this post is due to my German exposure I had today.
By the way......the title of this post supposedly reads: I Love German Chocolate cake.  If it says something offensive...please let me know.  (I totally trusted google on that...)

Have a wonderful day! 


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